Social Virii in the Age of Technology

This is not a new area of research. Many biologists and other human science researchers have postulated about the seemingly viral-like nature of social memes and their spread.

It’s nice to have some confirmation from research, but our Moms knew this:

“Stay away from that crowd, they’re up to no good.”

She knew intuitively, that many people – not all, but most – will imitate the cultural and social norms of their group of friends and acquaintances.

Memes are great to use. I’ve been active in both blogging and in meme spreading, and I can safely say that, a picture (with some snarky words) is, indeed, worth MORE than 1,000 words.

As are catchy tunes, SHORT videos – TikTok length or so – although I would not recommend using that Chinese-controlled app. But, try Instagram, Twitter (if you’ve not been banned), YouTube, and blogs, as well as alternative social media and independent web sites.

However you have to, get the word out. Use private messages, urging people to copy and post themselves. Use actual hard copy, posted on community walls, and urge others to take pictures and re-circulate.

we’re not as hampered as the Soviet subjects were in the days of the USSR, laboriously re-typing entire manuscripts onto paper, and passing it on to friends – and HOPING they would not turn you in as a political criminal.


Buck up. Get back to work on the Dissident Cause. Keep the political and cultural fight going.

We have a country to Build Back – not Better, but to the Original Standards.