The Truth WILL Hurt

At least, it will hurt those who Live in The Lie.

Look, you who do Live a Life of Lies, will find this post – disturbing. That is exactly why you need to click on the above link.

Look, anyone who functions in some sort of group – family, friends, work ‘friends’, neighborhoods – all need to ‘shade the truth’ on occasion. That need can range from the trivial (“Gosh, your homemade pie is just great” – when it really is dry, overseasoned, and practically inedible) to the serious (I have NO idea why that person is calling me! No, of COURSE I’m not having an affair!). Sometimes, despite knowing that lying is a sin, we justify our duplicity (A spouse asks “Do these pants make my butt look big?” – not TECHNICALLY a lie to say, “Why, no, the pants don’t make your butt look large.” That would be sidestepping the actual reality – “It’s not the pants’ fault, it’s that extra 50 pounds of lard you’ve added to your rump.”)

But most of us try to avoid those untruths that aren’t just a sop to social conventions. We may have some sleepless nights, as we wrestle with the Big Questions, like, can I risk losing my job by outing my boss or coworker’s financial shenanigans? Or, should I put that Trump or MAGA sticker on my car/house, and risk being ostracized? And, just how honest do I need to be with the IRS?

We may choose to provide ourselves with a relatively stress-free home environment. We may choose to leave dissent outside of the workplace. Or, we may choose to confront the partisans head-on.

Often we don’t. We pretend that we aren’t “on the other side”. We fail to stick up for our right to disagree, and, worse, we fail to support those who are under attack.

Your choice.

But, the Larry Correia post is brutal in laying out the reality. He is straightforward in calling those who choose not to see the Left’s abuses Cowards. He is even more brutal about calling them out for failing to openly defend those who are under attack.