I’m Making a List, Checking it Twice…

…gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

Well, maybe not ‘naughty or nice’. Maybe just:

  • A person I can count on to show up, armed, when needed
  • A person I can count on to defend me against lies, in public, and not weasel out by suggesting that he “Just didn’t know me, apparently”
  • A person who will take me in, without questions, should it be necessary
  • A person who will help me escape, fully provisioned, and keep quiet about it, no matter what
  • A person who will listen to unpleasant truths, even if it causes them isolation
  • A person who will act against their own personal self-interests, on principle

Now, that type of person is rare. Far more common is the half-way supporter:

  • Will lend me money or other support, as long as they don’t have to do it openly
  • Will look the other way, and not turn me in – may eventually crack, but not before allowing me time to get away
  • Will refuse to join in to the chorus of those condemning me

And, then, of course, is the Truly Naughty Type:

  • Actively looks for ways to undermine my credibility
  • Joins in enthusiastically to the mob’s accusations of wrongthink
  • May pretend to support me, then stabs me in the back behind the scenes
  • Will put pressure on my family to turn their back on me
  • Will pretend concern for my mental state, and be acquiescent with authorities locking me up and drugging me into submission

One means I am using is Lists. For example, some of us use Facebook to keep in contact with family or friends who are not easily reachable otherwise (I do suggest that you reach out to such people, via email or phone, and start replacing that online connection with face to face, or, at least, video calls). If you are in such a position, make lists for your posts:

  • One list for everyone – call that list the BDs (Brain-Dead) – on those posts that you use to keep the connection alive. Dumb people doing stupid things, cat videos, cute baby pictures – nothing controversial. A picture of your Christmas tree, a vacation picture, or similar posts. Bland, non-political/cultural, just meant to keep you from being out of the loop on THEIR posts. Watch what these people post, and continually evaluate – are they ready to move to the next level? Or, should I keep a close eye on their activities and be VERY careful not to let them know what I’m doing and who I am associating with.
  • The next list is for those people who are generally anxious not to offend others, but who are becoming moderately annoyed/concerned about street violence, illegal immigration, or over-reach by elected officials. At this point, they are merely complaining in mildest terms – they will NOT entertain the idea of serious action, but look for a reformer they can vote for, who will “clean up” things. For these – call that list the Sheeple – and post some slightly edgier material. Post a horrifying video of an older non-minority person getting stomped on. Caption it: What is this world coming to! See how they respond, and make a note of their willingness to question the Woke narrative. If they push back, move them to the BD list. If they respond favorably, continue nudging them, slowly and in small steps, along the continuum of the Red-Pilled People (RPP List). At any time, you will find that a few of them are ready for the next step. That’s where messaging comes in, with the ability to keep them on track by suggesting videos (again, don’t dump Alex Jones on them – Baby Steps, remember).
  • The Red-Pilled People (RPP List). These are the newly-awakened people, who are seeing all of the lies that surround them, and have not learned to keep much of it to themselves. They will need to be able to talk at length; listen and learn about their progress. Suggest some books to read, and videos to watch. Help steer them towards useful goals, and non-nutty channels. Don’t lose them to a rabbit-hole of Illuminati discussion.
  • The Last List is the NLDs – Non-Leftist Dissidents, and that is where you post links and memes that they can share with their lists. The goal of the group is to use their contacts to make incremental progress in moving them, from Clueless to Aware. It may take years (what the hell else do we have to do with our spare time?).
  • Don’t neglect building your local support group (use a similar strategy with the non-virtual contacts, feeling your way slowly). Listening is MORE important than talking. Take advantage of those times when you meet, one on one (for example, in Neighborhood Watch patrols), and help them open up. Most people are not accustomed to being listened to; many will spew their thoughts like water through a firehose, should you show interest in learning what their thinking is on various topics.