Ultra-Quickies: Conical Pizza?

     I sometimes lament my memory. It’s too good; it forces me to remember things I’d rather forget. But then something like this comes along:

     A lot of people like to make rules around what pizza is and isn’t. From where a pizza is made to what toppings are on it, a pizza can be deemed illegitimate if it doesn’t meet their strict set of standards. I, however, am not a pizza purist. While I have my preferences, I think the beauty of my favorite food is that it’s highly adaptable and inclusive. This is why, when I stumbled upon something called a “pizza cone” on Reddit, I looked into it with an open mind.

     …and my lumber-room memory, which discards nothing, throws this up:

     Rest in peace, Bernard Kliban.

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    • Amy on January 12, 2022 at 11:00 AM

    Why did this also get me thinking of the “Cup O’Pizza” pizza-in-a-cup depicted in Steve Martin’s movie The Jerk? 😀

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