Chronicles Of Anarcho-Tyranny, Continued

     I seldom regret canceling the TV service. It helps that Tucker Carlson’s show is usually available on YouTube the next day:

     Carlson calls it “the collapse of civilization – in real-time.” And indeed, there is no better description for it.

     Pace Milton Friedman, economists may not know much, but they know this:

What you penalize, you will get less of.
What you subsidize, you will get more of.

     Our “leaders” are “progressively” destroying normal, middle-class people, families, and communities, while actively subsidizing degeneracy, homelessness, and drug abuse. The completion of this sequence is left as an exercise for the reader.

     I’m thinking of starting a “Bobcat Fund,” to purchase Bobcats for angry city dwellers who would thereafter use them to clear the sidewalks in their neighborhoods. Clear them of what, you ask? Why, whatever might impede foot traffic, of course! Snow, garbage, tent cities…what’s the difference?

     Think it would catch on?


    • Roll-aid on January 19, 2022 at 6:00 PM

    Tucker is too kind.   Where does the money go?  Lots of places, but damn little actually is applied to anything that will possibly make progress.   As they say, “Not a bug, that’s a feature.”   Take a look at the reports coming from these political appointees who proudly have control of BILLIONS of dollars.   Read the list of “community organizations” and “outreach and counseling” and “homeless advocates”.   No doubt the people on the streets trying to help may have good intentions, be themselves good people doing what has to be a tough job. They get some pay, they can go to the store and buy groceries, make a living.   At the higher levels, more professionals with offices, titles, and so on. They have cars, mortgages, spouses, etc.  They write memos, they go to meetings, they hire consultants and contractors who have to get paid, and they have houses and kids and so on, and on and on.   Now, we have not a few, but dozens or hundreds of people whose very life, well-being, families and social relationships are dependent on homelessness being there and NOT going away.  

    Evidence?  How about this job opening?  This is some serious coin, even in SF.  And the job is rated “mid level”….

    For those who don’t /can’t see the link, here’s the text:

    Contracts Director-Dept. of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (0932) –

    City and County of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA
    San Francisco, CA
    Posted 4 weeks ago

    City and County of San Francisco

    Job details:   Salary $143,624 – $183,274 a year
    Job Type: Full-time

    Career Level:  Assistant Manager.

    I won’t post the wonderfully crafted, nauseating, job posting but I note that one of the tasks is the program management ” of more than $1 billion in multi-year contracting authority and $350 million in annual grants to nonprofit providers.”  Yep, that’ll take care of those bums on the street in no time.

    • George Mckay on January 19, 2022 at 8:58 PM

    I dvr Tucker and watch every day.  I learn a great deal that NOBODY else tells us….for instance.

    Yesterday’s show revealed the Boise, Idaho story of a homeless bum being “treated badly” by authorities and some bunch of arseholes at a New Yawk law firm and through legal shenanigans and all the way to the Supreme Court concocted that being a homeless arsehole is not a crime and that we must now kiss the ass of any and all homeless.   Hence all the money being spent in the big cities to buy “luxury apartments” for these um, uh people.

    Meanwhile, real estate developers are all for it.  The city buys these at market price and the developer gets rich.  Does anybody smell a rat here????

    I was instantly pissed when I saw this and that has not diminished.  I am not a monster but, most if not all the “homeless” have either refused decent housing or have been (for whatever reason) incarcerated or in and out of rehab for drugs and alcohol OR mental illness.

    The “homeless crisis” IMHO for the largest part can be traced to the early 70’s when the liberal shrinks prevailed and let the “nuts out of the asylums”.  The money and effort expended on these people has been totally wasted and all the liberals, you know those kind, caring wonderful human beings (Fran’s sarcasm in effect) answer is more money and effort.  This ties into your post perfectly – What you subsidize you will get more of.


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