Poisonous French politics.

Despite Le Pen’s success [in Sunday’s election], all the other establishment parties, from Republicans to Communists, have urged their supporters to vote for Macron in the second round, closing ranks around the former Rothschild banker and Socialist technocrat.[1]

So . . . French politics are poisonous because they cannot budge the nation off the status quo dead center. In the second round of voting, the rats and snakes gang up on the candidate who wants to alter the status quo. This two-tiered electoral system is positively locked in stone and accepted by the French as divinely prescribed.

But it operates to keep the nation on a course that can NOT be changed unless the non-status quo candidate is able to pull off an astonishing electoral upset. Which upset is almost impossible given the timorousness and stupidity of the left and sort-of “right” in their historic willingness to reject the slightest course alteration. There is always the second-round pile on.

Even with the nation riven with rejectionist Muslims and Africans who both bring with them their third-world ways the French system works in favor of the people who have worked hard to bring about the end of France as a white country. And who are not the slightest bit interested in changing the destructive course of the nation. Didn’t France have an earlier experience with an ossified, privileged, unresponsive elite? Seems to me it did and the results were unpleasant. If only incremental adjustment had been possible.

France is locked into a Thelma and Louise moment. It can’t change and it won’t change. Hello Notre Dame as a mosque and Muslim asses uplifted in city streets to show their contempt for infidels. Done deal. Guaranteed. The way it is.

Pray for Western economic collapse. The only thing that will focus Westerners’ attention on anything remotely real.

[1] “Antifa Riots In French Cities Because They Didn’t Like The Election Result.” By Paul Joseph Watson, ZeroHedge, 4/11/22.