I Thought We’d Hit Peak Insanity Already

     Ragin’ Dave provides evidence to the contrary:

     Families that may have turned to homeschooling as an alternative to hastily assembled remote learning plans have stuck with it — reasons include health concerns, disagreement with school policies and a desire to keep what has worked for their children.

     Maybe it’s because parents actually saw what a toxic dumpster fire the publik skool sistim really is. When your math is all about pimping for money and getting raped by mommy’s boyfriend, how much math is actually being taught?

     Dave continues:

     That’s an actual, honest to god assignment from Missouri, folks. That was created and sold to schools for your children to consume. Feeling ready to light a torch and grab a pitchfork yet?

     I have a stepdaughter who recently produced a son. The boy is two years old. I can’t imagine what sort of “public school system” we’ll have when he hits kindergarten age. I can only hope my stepdaughter has the sense to keep him out of it. However, the odds are not good: she’s a public-school teacher.

     We’re in trouble, folks.


     The escalation in the cost of living, which includes rapidly rising levels of taxation, is making it ever more difficult for families with minor children to forgo public schooling. Just to maintain a decent suburban standard of living practically requires two incomes. There are exceptions; certain categories of professionals and business owners can afford for one spouse to eschew wage earning. But they are relatively few, and under pressures of other sorts as well.

     It calls to mind the great Terry Gilliam’s movie Brazil, in which literally everything and everyone has been corralled into a fully centralized totalitarian state. The use of services other than those provided by the State is forbidden. We’re not at that point yet. Nominally, parents are still free to choose their children’s form of schooling. But that latitude has been deeply eroded by the rising cost of living and Americans’ huge tax burdens.

     Other indirect methods have been used to erode other aspects of individual freedom that Americans have taken for granted. Bodily autonomy. Security in one’s home. Privacy in banking. Traveling freely. Communicating with others without someone from the Omnipotent State listening in. The list could be extended as far as any Gentle Reader can imagine.

     As the GOP loves power and its fruits quite as much as the Democrats – indeed, they’re responsible for several of the incursions upon freedom I enumerated above – I can’t see a happy ending from here, no matter who prevails in November.

     Have a nice day.

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