Of All the Cotton-Picking Stupidities!

I do apologize for those that were inadvertantly triggered!


A teacher takes the time to get actual cotton bolls, bring them in, and teach about one of the jobs that was widely done by slaves. She makes a point of showing how difficult the job was, and all some Twit came come up with is to insist that she apologize for her insensitivity?

Words fail me.

I first became introduced to cotton when I moved to SC. It was a rural county in the Low Country, and many of my students were familiar with the process of planting, growing, and harvesting the crop. One kid brought in a branch of the plant that grew near his house. I was fascinated by it; as a native Ohioan, I knew corn, grapes, and other common crops of my state.

I’d just never seen cotton growing before. Another major crop in the county was watermelon; there was even a big local festival.

My students got a kick out of teaching me new things. I also heard them discuss catching and cooking catfish, nad ‘shrimping’, The consensus of the group was that shrimp and grits was the best way to serve it.

The disdain about the lesson on cotton, and how the cotton gin changed the economy, seems to have been well-intended. The teacher was forced to apologize for it, though.

Damn Snowflakes, of ANY color, are ruining this country.