When They Can’t Keep It Inside Any Longer…

     …it can sound louder than a car crash:

     According to Canadian sociologist and political commentator Mathieu Bock-Côté, mass immigration has weakened social cohesion and cultural conflict.

     Bock-Côté made the comments during an appearance on the Face a l’Info political talk show.

     “When a society predominantly receives new populations it cannot integrate (…) that inevitably creates groups that are on the fringe of society and creates different civilizations, which is the case in France today, the conditions are there for conflicts, cultural and identity tensions,” said the political commentator.

     Bock-Côté explained how France was becoming more like the United States, where a relentless obsession with racism has created the false notion that all society’s ills are to blame on racism.

     This is more than “a blinding flash of the obvious.” Sociology is one of the more heavily politicized fields – to the Left, of course – and Bock-Côté is likely to endure quite a lot of opprobrium for having dared to say what anyone not completely befuddled by mass-media propagandization already knows. As Canada in particular is deeply infected with the multiculturalist mind-virus, I fear for Bock-Côté’s professional position and stature.

     Canadians generally are a soft-spoken people. They don’t shout much…no, not even their Leftist agitators…so Bock-Côté’s danger might not be as bad as that of Charles Murray, who has faced actual assaults on his person for daring to express his convictions. But he’ll still have to endure a storm of denunciations. Can’t go openly saying what you think when it contradicts the Left’s gospel. They take it badly, there as here.

     Time was, integration and assimilation were as customary as daily bathing. But the Left’s campaign against those things was lethally successful. Were it otherwise, would we have legions of “high school graduates” who can’t read English, speak in complete sentences, or make change without being told how by the cash register? But those legions are all around us. They come in all colors. And they are the ultimate testament against uncontrolled mass immigration without reference to heritage, language, and culture.

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    • Lon Spector on May 7, 2022 at 7:26 AM

    A society is only as healthy as the citizens making it up.

    You can’t have a better world without better men.

    “Good-bye, Western world.”

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