A Must-Read 2022-05-24

     Gerard Van der Leun has long been one of the brightest lights in the firmament of the Blogosphere. His casual toss-offs are better than 99.9% of what I encounter in my morning circuit of news and opinion-editorial sites. His best stuff…words fail me, Gentle Reader. But perhaps you’re already aware of that.

     Yesterday, Gerard hit the Triple Crown of absolute relevance, estimable concision, and supreme eloquence. A brief snippet:

     At one time in the not too recent past, there were three (3) worlds. The First, the Second, and the Third. The Second world was thought of as those countries that were part of what was then known as The Soviet or Eastern Bloc. With the collapse of the Second world in 1991 those countries in the Second blended into the First and left only the Third. And it left the denizens of the Third world with a deep, burning desire to move from the Third to the First.

     That’s just to set the stage thematically. It’s not even the best part. Hie thee hence and read it all!

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    • Daniel K Day on May 25, 2022 at 1:50 AM

    “coprocracy”, got it.
    Thank you, that was horrifying.

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