Hostility and betrayal at every turn.

Europeans could have cheaper energy, both for heating and driving, but their leaders won’t allow that. They decided that energy prices will be high, very high; so you’ll feel every degree of Centigrade/Fahrenheit in your pocket. Putin stated the Europeans miscalculated when they decided to abandon traditional fuels. Perhaps he said so out of kindness, because there is not the slightest doubt: the European and North American leaders knew that ‘clean’ fuels are much more expensive and much less reliable, and still they chose it [them].[1]

I am here to tell you it’s a bizarre experience living in a civilization where virtually all of the elites and governments instituted among men despise that particular civilization and their fellow men unless, that is, those men are minorities and denizens of the third-world. Yes. You think your government gives a flying frangipani about you, your ancestors, your progeny, or the welfare of our nation?

Dude . . . . Please.

[1] “Things Go Awry.” By Israel Shamir, The Unz Review, 10/11/21 (emphasis added).