A Quick Thought On Government And Freedom

     ‘The Enemy, of course, has long known that the Ring is abroad, and that it is borne by a hobbit. He knows now the number of our Company that set out from Rivendell, and the kind of each of us. But he does not yet perceive our purpose clearly. He supposes that we were all going to Minas Tirith; for that is what he would himself have done in our place. And according to his wisdom it would have been a heavy stroke against his power. Indeed he is in great fear, not knowing what mighty one may suddenly appear, wielding the Ring, and assailing him with war, seeking to cast him down and take his place. That we should wish to cast him down and have no one in his place is not a thought that occurs to his mind.’

     You recognize the source of that citation, don’t you? Now, let’s perform what calculus teachers call “a change of variable:”

  • For “the Enemy,” substitute “the political class;”
  • For “the Ring,” substitute “the submission of the citizenry;”
  • For “Minas Tirith,” substitute “the voting booth.”

     It is time, and past time, to destroy “the Ring.” Start with yourself.