Peak Absurdity Chronicles

     Happy Summer Solstice Day. Have a mood lightener, just the sort of thing to remind you that it’s not you who’s crazy:

     An anti-police Black Lives Matter protester who was hit by a car in a horrific accident as she and fellow Summer of Love activists blocked a freeway is now suing those she believes are responsible for her injuries.

     For those who know this caliber of the professional protester class, you will not be surprised in the least to learn that Diaz Love, who’s 34 and old enough to know better, takes no responsibility for the incident.

     Indeed, now that she’s healed up and lawyered up, she’s decided that her injuries suffered while blocking the freeway on a busy Fourth of July are all the cops’ fault. That’s right, the very cops she’s probably hurled chanted like “fry ’em like bacon” to are to blame.

     See if you can follow the logic trail with KING 5 News, which explains that protesters expected special protection from the same cops they spent months vilifying, burning, looting, and rioting over.

     “The lawsuit claims that Washington State Patrol’s longstanding policy is to not allow protesters onto the freeway due to safety concerns. However, that changed when racial justice protests erupted after the murder of George Floyd,” the Seattle TV station reported.

     There’s really nothing more to say about this. Don’t bother trying to understand it. It defies all notions of cause, effect, volition, and responsibility. And so, there’s nothing to do but repeat my previous contentions. Please be sure to include the follow-up piece in your fulminations – regardless of in which direction they run.


    • jwm on June 21, 2022 at 1:59 PM

    She missed  her Darwin Award by this much, and is suing for a consolation prize. Let’s hope she has better luck on the next try.



  1. I am happy that the USA is one nation, however the South was right to see the problem with black people. The problem is not race, but a particular race. Robert E Lee was right to see the danger when people do not know their place

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