An Alternative Strategy No One Will Like

     Concerning the prospect of mail-in ballots and similar fraud-enabling measures in the upcoming midterms, Stephen Kruiser has a few words to say:

     During the Obama years, I used to say that any GOP candidate had to make sure that he or she was “outside the margin of ACORN.” I’ve updated that to “outside the margin of magic mail-in ballots.”

     I will never back away from my contention that vote-by-mail is a fraud-fest. The fact that the Democrats keep trying to make it universal and not based on preference or need is all the proof any sane person should require to come to that conclusion.

     There is so much that could go wrong with a mail-in ballot from the very beginning of the process until the end. It’s beyond naive to believe that it never does.

     This isn’t really just about mail-in ballots, though. It’s about all the tricks the Democrats like to play. We’re already seeing them desperately trying to amp up the Bat Flu panic, hoping they can recreate some of their 2020 dark magic. This will probably only affect the bluest of blue places and not change much, but we can never rule out the prospect of some GOP squishes rolling over for a false narrative.

     I’m not as sanguine as Kruiser about the likely low magnitude of Democrat vote fraud. It worked for them once; therefore, they’ll do it again and again, until it stops working. To avert our eyes and hope that they can’t marshal the required numbers to steal the midterms would be foolish. Republican strategists should not assume any such beneficent outcome.

     The key realization here is that The Democrats have thrown away the rules. Therefore, the “game” is over. There’s a new game in its place: Who can cheat more effectively.

     This is an unpleasant prospect, but it must be squarely faced. If GOP ground-game tacticians admit to themselves that the outcomes of the midterm elections will be determined by fraudulent votes, they could:

  • Throw up their hands and accept defeat;
  • Demand that the laws be rigorously enforced;
  • Decide to “get into the new game” with the Democrats.

     The first case is implausible in the extreme. The second, considering that Boards of Election are controlled by Democrats nationwide, is pathetic and absurd. The third case is where the danger to what remains of the Republic lies. Electoral contests previously decided by which party could persuade the greater number of citizens to vote for them would henceforth be decided by who could produce the greater volume of fake ballots. Money would become the principal determinant of election outcomes.

     That third possibility might strike some as appropriate revenge for 2020, a sally at getting some Biter Bit poetic justice. It is not. Given the legal and media privileges that have been awarded to the “major parties,” it’s a formula for the creation and perpetuation of an oligarchy ruled by an unopposable elite. Think about it.

     I have no doubt that GOP strategists and tacticians are thinking about it.


    • NTFOL on July 16, 2022 at 7:08 PM

    The best way to end this would be to ensure that “Mickey Mouse” got more votes for President than Sleepy Joe.  Like 90 million votes.

  1. I understand the desire to use (3), but don’t. It would just be used to provide support for their contention that we ALL ALWAYS cheat. Therefore, their cheating is “just evening it up”.

    1. What worries me is the dynamic involved. “Political parties are vote-maximizing machines.” — David Friedman They’re essentially as amoral as any corporation…and come to think of it, aren’t they organized, formally, as corporations? The people who manage them are primarily driven by the desire to get their candidates elected, and secondarily by the desires of their major donors and top-level activists. I find it unlikely in the extreme that they’ll resist the pressure to “play the new game and forget the old one.” In this secular era in which even people who claim to be Christians are largely insincere about it, what inhibitions remain against such a thing? They might even succeed in convincing themselves that they’re doing God’s work!

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