Day From Hell? Try A Whole Weekend

     Yes, it was that kind of weekend. The kind that makes the national and international news seem chuckleworthy. But that won’t stop me. (When has it ever?)


     I found this brief but pungent piece courtesy of Gerard van der Leun:

     Ever since Roe was overturned I’ve really started to notice how…I guess lazy the pro abort movement is. Instead of fighting to fix the foster care system, they want to kill kids who might end up there. Instead of offering help to people (including pregnant women) living in poverty, they want to kill the people who might end up there. Instead of figuring out how society can be more accepting and helpful to disabled people, they want to kill people who may be disabled. I could go on, but do I have to? They see how the world needs fixing or adjustments, but instead of tackling the problems that people face, they want to get rid of the people facing those problems. Killing preborn humans will not end poverty. Killing preborn disabled humans will not end disability or help the community. Abortion has never been a solution to our problems, but I guess paying a couple hundred bucks for an abortion is a lot easier and quicker than housing the homeless, donating food and clothes, or paying medical bills.

     This “hoof-and-mouth disease cure” is characteristic of the nihilist Left. After all, if there were no people, there wouldn’t be any problems to solve, now would there? We certainly wouldn’t be complaining about baby formula shortages.

     Hmmm…baby formula shortages. Best not think about that for too long.


     Ever seen the acronym “TINVOWOOT” — ? Know what it means? The indispensable Sundance at The Last Refuge tells us why we should ponder it deeply:

     The Republican club, as a professional political system, is more in line with their allies in the Democrat club, than they are with the base of voters who want to see the corrupt DC system challenged and changed. Both wings of the UniParty are aligned to block any voting rebellion, democrat, independent or republican, from Main Street.

     I’ve often written about political dynamics. The ultimate devolution of a democratic system, wherein majorities choose lawmakers and executives, is to elevate, via a process of natural selection, power-mongers who are capable demagogues to the corridors of power. Since such persons value power over others above all other things, it has never been reasonable to expect them to exhibit restraint – nor to respect Constitutional constraints on them. The cited essay is an excellent treatment of where we stand in this devolution to quasi-democratic tyranny.

     And by the way, evidently it’s the same Across the Water.


     The “official” news media – “official,” that is, according to them — function ever more as oligarchs who decree that We the Unwashed shall only be told what they deem suitable for us to know. Beth Whitehead explains the multiplicity of suppressed stories:

     If you skim the front pages of major corporate news outlets, you’ll find no mention of the economic protests raging in Spain, Morocco, Greece, and the United Kingdom.

     On The Washington Post homepage these days, you’ll find headlines such as, “How To Deal With A Chatty Coworker Who Won’t Get Out Of Your Office,” but you won’t find mention of the more than 100,000 people protesting in Madrid. You’ll find the story of a gay union entitled, “What’s Two ‘Yentas’ Plus One Senator? A Lifetime Together” at The New York Times, but you won’t see a single heading on the more than 10,000 protesters in Athens. Corporate media has largely glossed over the tens of thousands of farmers in the Netherlands who clogged up roadways and distributions centers by holding Canadian-trucker-convoy-style demonstrations to protest radical climate policies.

     According to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which records protests worldwide, 11 countries are currently seeing protests of more than 1,000 people in response to the rising cost of living and other economic woes in 2022. As of July 5, Carnegie had recorded protests of more than 120,000 people in France, 100,000 in Spain, 10,000 in Greece, 10,000 in Kazakhstan, 10,000 in Sri Lanka, 10,000 in India, 5,000 in Iran, 5,000 in Peru, 1,000 people in Argentina, 1,000 in Morocco, and 1,000 in the U.K.

     I regard such events as eminently newsworthy. Wouldn’t you? But our Legacy Media finds them insufficiently important to rate coverage. Why?

     Corporate media won’t talk about the rest of these protests because the countries are struggling from economically disastrous policies akin to President Joe Biden’s. Any show of economic turmoil in EU member states could be traced back to EU sanctions on Russia or green energy failures, which would fly in the face of the corporate media’s agenda. Many of these countries have inflationary monetary policies.

     What those other nations’ governments have done and are doing to their peoples, our Usurper Regime is busily doing to us. The parallels are nearly perfect…which means, to the left-leaning editorial staffs of the Legacy Media, that it would be dangerous to the Regime for us to read about them and ponder them. Which brings us to this bit of news from the North:

     In December 2020, the Trudeau government unveiled its new climate plan. The plan focuses on reducing nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030.

     “Fertilizers play a major role in the agriculture sector’s success and have contributed to record harvests in the last decade. They have helped drive increases in Canadian crop yields, grain sales, and exports,” a news release from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada reads.

     “However, nitrous oxide emissions, particularly those associated with synthetic nitrogen fertilizer use, have also grown significantly.

     “That is why the Government of Canada has set the national fertilizer emissions reduction target, which is part of the commitment to reduce total GHG emissions in Canada by 40-45% by 2030….”

     Basically, they are admitting that reducing nitrogen fertilizer will lower crop yields over the next decade. They know it will hurt the agriculture sector and farmers.

     Bet you never heard about that, did you? And as it happens, Canadian grain growers are upset about it, as are their colleagues in Europe.

     Think the “official” news media will cover that?


     In a segment above, I cited the “TINVOWOOT” acronym, and Sundance’s exposition on the wherefores. However, I stopped short of exploring the implications. Wes Rhinier doesn’t:

     I want to give a shout out to everyone here today at The Battle for the Republic LARP.

     A LARP, L-A-R-P is short for “Live Action Role Playing.” A LARP is a game. In this game, the participants portray fictional characters by the way they dress and the things they say as they interact in a real-world environment. However, the outcome of the game has been predetermined by the game rules and player consensus. It is ultimately the Gamemasters who decide the setting, determine the rules, facilitate the play, and declare the winner.

     Whether we realize it or not, this is the scenario in which we find ourselves. The Game-Masters have established Rules which apply only to Our Side so that the predetermined outcome is that we can Never Win! We are players in a rigged LARPing charade.

     What influences keep us from meeting our enemies in open battle? Is it that we hesitate to accept the necessity? Have we been too thoroughly schooled about not “descending to their level?” Or is it simple fear?

     I respect Wes too greatly to copy the bulk of his excellent talk to Liberty’s Torch. Please go there and read it for yourself – and reflect on what it means about us, about our political Establishment, and for the future of the Republic. It made me uncomfortable. I expect it will do the same to you.


     Finally for today, Canadian commentator David Solway writes of our tendencies toward accommodating our enemies and fighting among ourselves:

     As a conservative profoundly involved in the “culture wars,” I have come to realize that the problem I have is not with liberals, Leftists, apostles of Woke, and other assorted ideologues and disreputables. I expect nothing from them but deceit, vulgarity, hate-spew, and ignorance, and so do not feel especially shocked by their behavior. The problem I have is with conservatives, too many of whom do not appear to fully honor conservative principles and values. They often seem to temporize with their antagonists, can act at times quite autocratically, and are occasionally distressingly superficial in their assessments of contemporary events. Human, all too human, of course; still, one might have thought better of those brave combatants in the political trenches.

     Solway presents a number of examples from recent years. They’re worth reading in their entirety, especially if one has occasionally committed similar sins. His conclusion is a slap in the face:

     Conservatives must remember that if one has just cause on one’s side, there is never any need to engage in acts of strategic deflection, compromise, or apology. One cannot help suspecting that the culture wars may be lost, not because the adversary is so powerful but because the ally can be so vanilla, myopic, self-important and adroitly deferential, because there is a camber among conservatives not to play for keeps. It is high time for the Right to recognize its polemical strength and the moral and intellectual value of its contestation, and to act accordingly, without excuse, contrition, or hesitation, and always in possession of the facts.



     That’s all for today, Gentle Reader. I still have a ton of obligations to discharge. It’s getting so bad that I’m thinking of going back to wage employment, just so I’ll have a reason to decline all the other chores everyone and his halfwit uncle Herman have been piling onto me. But perhaps, as with exercise, if I force myself to sit very still for a while, the impulse will fade away.

     To me, it’s a good idea to always carry two sacks of something when you walk around. That way, if anybody says, “Hey, can you give me a hand?” You can say, “Sorry, got these sacks.” – Jack Handey

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    Just in case anyone is wondering and is too lazy to look it up for themselves, TINVOWOOT means There is no voting ourselves out of this.

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