Pearls of expression.

It is one of the great mysteries—or perhaps I should say it is one of the reliable reminders of human imperfection—that higher education often fosters a particular form of political stupidity [“the repudiation of inheritance and home”].[1]

There is abroad in the land the poisonous notion that government at all levels should naturally have “partners” or that there should be “public-private partnerships.” Centralization, supranationalism, multiculturalism, diversity, and critical race theory are the vertical iteration of that horizontal splay of sovereignty into dilution and remoteness from public actions taken by public servants accountable to the voters.

Everything’s peachy so long as important decisions are taken by effing strangers such as Bill and Melinda, Mark, Georgie, Jeff, and your garden-variety federal judge. It’s bad enough when political decisions ARE made by officials putatively answerable to the voters even if at second hand. Some kind of a problem with THAT as it turned out to my way of thinking but no need to stray too far afield. Look up “unaccountable administrative state” and “out-of-control, contemptuous, contemptible U.S. Congress” if you’ve got time on your hands.

And anybody have an email address or phone number for the asinine freak dressed as a Klingon battle cruiser commander whose mind is populated by sugarplum fairies and big rock candy mountains? Own nothing and be happy, my ass. Who elected that one?

[1] “On Popular Reason and Self-Rule.” By Roger Kimball, The American Mind, 7/19/22.