The Terror Is Approaching

     And it is intentional:

     Darren Brady, 51, has slammed Hampshire Police for ‘impeding his right to free speech’ after he was placed into handcuffs on Friday at his home in Aldershot for sharing a meme.

     Footage of the arrest was widely shared on social media and showed an officer who told Mr Brady he was being apprehended because his post had ’caused anxiety’ and been reported to authorities.

     The image Mr Brady retweeted was of a swastika that had been digitally manipulated and was made out of four LGBT pride flags.

     In the video, shot on a mobile phone, Mr Brady can be heard asking the three police officers: ‘Why am I in cuffs?’

     One officer responds: ‘It didn’t have to come to this at all.’

     Mr Brady replied: ‘Tell us why you escalated it to this level because I don’t understand.’

     The officer adds: ‘Someone has been caused anxiety based on your social media post. That is why you have been arrested.’

     Here is the image Brady retweeted:

     This tiny minority – less than 5% of the population – wants you too terrified to speak your mind…and the British police are enforcing their will. Make no mistake about it: it will come here. Perhaps it already has.

     This is a test of the good will of those who are part of that tiny minority. Do you think the abovementioned arrest should have happened? If not, do you know anyone in your orbit who does? Do you have any sense for the danger this puts you and him in?

     I’ve said it before:

     People will tolerate a great deal before they snap, but they will snap. Especially if they’re being told that they must tolerate personal abuse or oppression, the abuse of their loved ones, or the destruction of something they love. And if Americans should snap, the reverberations will circle the globe. As Larry Correia and others have observed, we’ve got two and only two settings: Vote and Shoot everybody. Governments, law enforcers, bureaucrats, and activists should beware. Day by day we move ever closer to throwing that switch.

     We shall see.