Even in the recent past these are words that almost never had to be said. That was because so many mostly lived like that that it rarely needed to be said. Sad to say, those days are long past due to the Left/Statist assault on Western civilization and its culture.

Because of that ongoing assault, decent people everywhere need to face the harsh reality. Anyone — especially the highly privileged — who refuses to utter these words for any number of reasons do not themselves deserve to live.

For all of my brothers and sisters who claim to be pro-life, this is your mantra.

Repeat it at every rally, after every sermon, at every event whatsoever. Let it take the place of “the wave” in stadiums. When you end a phone call, say it after good bye. Make it a bye word.

Maybe, just maybe, there will be one or more high level politicians who will begin to get the message. Encourage as many as possible to repent of his or her “Sustainability” agenda. Give them reason to face the prospect that met their late brethren, Nicolae Ceaușescu, should they fail to repent.

Lord knows, many who were deserving of mercy in the last 2+ years certainly didn’t get any. So best to consider your options. Do you wish to maybe increase your chances of living? Or do you wish to simply take your chances that unrepentent elitists will simply overlook you in their drive to eliminate something close to 7 billion souls?


  1. Elected officials who care not a whit for human life drive out excellent, effective long term underlings who are not at all political. Here is one recent example:

    LIVE AND LET LIVE. Do not tolerate those who, through malfeasance, abet those who choose not to live that way.

  2. It has an intense double entendre when applied to the pro-life position.

    1. Indeed. One ought suspect this motto always contained such a double meaning. Hence, in more civilized times, why it was said so infrequently. It brings to mind another motto that certain factions hate: “an armed population is a peaceful one.”

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