The Most Awful Day, 108th Anniversary

     If you haven’t read this Baseline Essay, today is the day for it. Most people’s historical memory is weak. Few know anything much about the War to End War. This, everyone should know.

     Make your day a better one than the one commemorated above.


  1. While you still have the ability, here is a live link to replace the dead one in your baseline essay.

    He’s done so before,

    1. That’s helpful.

  2. Many years ago, I was in a bar drinking with a former U-boat commander whose boat had been stationed in Japan to teach the japs the proper use of a sub. They never learned, thank God.
    The conversation turned to the atomic bomb and it’s use as it was the anniversary.
    The skipper had married a Japanese woman and they both agreed that the use of the atomic bomb was a wise decision. It saved multiple more lives of Japanese than it took.
    She said that our soldiers and marines would have been met on the beaches with rakes and pitchforks and sticks.
    And died.

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