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Here’s a comment by chopsuey4[1] on ZeroHedge:

[T]hese lawbreakers in DC are [really] insane and a complete waste of everyones time. For gawd sakes, they are always backpedaling to maintain their financial interests and to cover-up lies from the past. The past they helped destroy by sending manufacturing like semiconductors to oversea interests. THe country has been sold out, gutted and betrayed by these utterly useless, unintelligent and uncaring bitches in DC, and all their associates. Day in and day out we see DC thugs bickering, gaslighting and misprioritizing the issues close to americans.

The power to destroy our way of life use to be one of their sickest objectives. Now its simply their power to destroy life whether through direct violence, policies, arrogance or vile selfishness. A sickening bunch at best that needs weeding out.

CS4 gets down to business and captures the astonishing hostility of the political elite to the nation and its people. I particularly like his word “misprioritizing.” Every minute of our lives we’re faced with choices that have tradeoffs. Individuals generally figure out what matters to them the most.

But not at the federal level. We just extricated ourselves from Afghanistan and within months there we were fooling around in Ukraine — hugely sensitive territory to the Russians — at huge cost and great danger to us. And we’ve been playing around there since 2014 at least.

In what school of statescraft is it considered wise to engage in pointless, reckless, murderous foreign military adventures back to freaking back and dumping $40B on on the bizarre state of Ukraine with no more than an afternoon of consideration in the Congress? Money for a wall on the southern border? So difficult, my fellow citizens. Keep out foreign job thieves and welfare parasites? So many human rights complications. So sad. Not run up the debt by $40B? You’re joking, right?

But training and arming Ukrainian troops right on the Russian border? Makes perfect sense. Our lives depend on it.

[1] “Biden Wants China Hawks To ‘Put The Brakes’ On Bill Gutting 40 Years Of Taiwan Policy.” By Connor Freeman, ZeroHedge, 8/6/22.

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  1. There must be a reckoning.
    I trust we win.

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