Poor Besieged Compton, CA!

     Gee, I can’t imagine what brought this on:

     Dozens of people who were part of a street takeover also looted a 7-Eleven convenience store in Harbor-Gateway, and police are asking for help identifying some involved.

     “I live in the apartment next door,” said neighbor Lisa Trafton. “I was ready to go to sleep. All of a sudden I heard a bunch of notice [sic]. Cars doing donuts.”

     Police had just broken up an illegal sideshow at the corner of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Boulevard when they discovered a large crowd of those spectators had looted a nearby 7-Eleven. Only one employee was working at the store during the rush, but that person was not hurt.

     “Cars were just going everywhere,” said neighbor Lisa Trafton. “And then I looked into the store because I wanted to get a pop and the store’s totally trashed.”

     Security video released by the LAPD shows dozens of people streaming into the store. At first, many people appeared to be simply shopping for snacks, but suddenly others started running in, ransacking shelves and jumping the counter to grab items behind the register. Candy, chips, and drinks were left strewn all over the store, and a cash register was destroyed, but it’s not clear if any money was taken.

     “Angry mob mentality inside the store,” said Det. Ryan Moreno. “They started ransacking the place, taking food, cigarettes, lottery tickets — tried to get the cashier’s box.”

     Here’s video of the event:

     I’ve said this before: When you allow an inherently savage demographic to go looting and rampaging – when the police are inhibited from acting forcefully against such criminals, while prominent public figures, including several elected officials, tell that demographic that its “grievances” are a license for such things – then you shouldn’t be surprised when the looting and rampaging continue and escalate. Indeed, you might just find yourselves on the receiving end.

     I was about to express my sympathies for the decent people of that district…but certain questions impend: Who were the looters and rioters? Were they local residents? The relatives of local residents? Were they brought up by local residents? Does anyone know?

     Perhaps I’ll reserve my sympathies for other applications. They’re not inexhaustible, after all.


    • godhelpus on August 20, 2022 at 7:43 AM

    The question is who did the local residents vote for? My suspicion is the very Democrats who enact the very democratic policies that result in crime not only being tolerated but encouraged. So, what you have is democratic voters getting exactly what they voted for good and hard.

    • MMinWA on August 22, 2022 at 11:29 AM

    My ChimpMeter is pegged.

    1. Mine, too.

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