To Law-Abiding New Yorkers

     … who, like me, would like to be equipped to defend yourselves in public: this is your “governor:”

     Criminals don’t purchase their guns from retail gun stores. They don’t use credit cards to finance the purchase, either. And no law will take the guns out of their hands. Rational people understand this; Kathy Hochul does not. Therefore…?

     How this arrogant, moronic woman became the governor of the Empire State is a tale to be told next to that of Elliot Spitzer.

     Lee Zeldin may be a typical Northeastern “moderate” Republican, but:

  • He’s a combat veteran;
  • He’s pro-firearms rights;
  • He’s not Kathy Hochul.

     ‘Nuff said.


  1. I disagree with you. Hochul understands that criminals don’t get their guns with credit cards. She isn’t interested in disarming criminals. She wants to disarm citizens, because an unarmed citizenry lives at and by the whims of a strong government.

    Armed people are much more difficult to load into box cars, figuratively and metaphorically.

    1. You’re right, of course. But she must represent herself as a protector rather than an oppressor. It’s Oppressor Trick #1!

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