“Our” Media

     Democrat Robert Telles, an official in Clark County, Nevada, recently stabbed a journalist, Jeff German, to death. You had to be pretty sharp-eyed to discover Telles’s political affiliation, but it did come out – usually in the 36th paragraph of reports on the homicide. But have a gander at the following:

     That should relieve you of any doubts about for whom “our” media really work.


    • Dan on September 10, 2022 at 6:53 AM

    The media whores are firmly and clearly owned outright by the DNC.  The media along with academia was one of the FIRST targets the commies sought to infiltrate and suborn decades ago.

    1. Yep. Winter 1966, major university student body defeated another leftist plebiscite.
      One coed crowed: “You think you won. But we’ll teach your children.”

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