A Kinsley Gaffe From The Vegetable-in-Chief

     Whoever is writing Biden’s speeches is letting the truth show through the propaganda, and no mistake:

     Well, folks, you know — and I mean this sincerely; you’re going to think this is a little out of whack what I’m going to talk about — but, you know, democracy is at stake. Literally, there’s a — there’s a case being made around the world, not just here, because democracy and autocracy. And there’s an awful lot of folks who believe that democracies can’t be sustained in the 21st century because there’s — problems are so — so much is changing in science and technology, the environment, a whole range of things, that it’s awful hard to reach a consensus in the short amount of time you have to reach.

     And so that’s why I have these constant arguments. So I’ve had — I’ve met with Xi Jinping over 78 hours, 68 of which are in person, over the last 10 years. And he makes the case straight up that democracies can’t be sustained in the 21st century.

     You just saw what’s happened in Italy in that election. You’re seeing what’s happening around the world. And the reason I bother to say that is we can’t be sanguine about what’s happening here either. I don’t want to exaggerate it, but I don’t want to understate it. And it’s the reason why I’m so concerned about and so interested in and so committed to seeing that the governors — Democratic governors are elected. Because, literally, the outcome of an election is going to be determined by how well the governors run their states, who’s in charge at the time, whether or not things are going to be — how we count the votes, whether or not it’s transparent, and a whole range of things.

     The Usurpers see the writing on the wall. To have the Vegetable-in-Chief say something that obviously fear-filled, even before a friendly audience, is massively revealing.

     Giorgia Meloni is a Godsend to Italy and to Europe…and quite possibly to the United States. She won a clear victory in a sharply contested election in a country whose problems are even worse than ours, by emphasizing eternal truths: God, family, and nation. Her support is apparently quite broad. She has the support and good will of Europe’s foremost reigning chief executive, Viktor Orban of Hungary, who shares her values and policy positions. Should she succeed – and I think she will – the ramshackle, incoherent mega-oligarchy that calls itself the European Union will crumble, as it deserves. The Usurpers’ reaction, as relayed to us by their media handmaidens, is undisguised terror.

     Their prattle about “democracy” has always been camouflage. They only approve of “democracy,” as they conceive of it, when the majority supports them – or when it can be made to look that way. The strong majority the Meloni-led center-right coalition has achieved must therefore be denounced. The mainstream media have duly set out to describe Meloni as the second coming of Mussolini. And as we see above, Biden’s speechwriters must imply that her rise is the Usurpers’ favorite new shibboleth, “a threat to democracy.”

     No, apart from Italy’s national elections, nothing has yet been won. The future has not yet been decided. Certainly, we in the U.S. still have a hard road ahead. But when your enemy exhibits this much fear, you can’t help but feel elated.

     Just an appetite-whetter, perhaps, but welcome nevertheless.

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