Mike Hendrix has the story:

     I shouldn’t find this all that shocking at this stage of the game, I know.

     And yet.

     Severely Abused in D.C. Jail, Jan. 6 Prisoners Ask for Transfer to Guantanamo

     I shan’t excerpt it here. If even 10% of the claims made in the prisoners’ letter are true, this constitutes an outrage unworthy of any nation – and over what’s at worst a misdemeanor trespassing offense. But there’s a larger point to be made, and there are other data to be added to the array in support thereof:

  • Democrat rhetoric condemning the MAGA movement in particular and the Republican Party in general as “fascists” and “a threat to democracy.”
  • Ongoing pressure on social media and financial institutions to “cancel” prominent persons in the Right.
  • Raids by heavily armed FBI squads on the homes of pro-life organizers and spokesmen.
  • Surprise visits by ATF agents to the homes of gun purchasers.
  • “Blue” states’ defiance of recent SCOTUS decisions.
  • The USDA’s “Register Your Garden” campaign.

     I’m sure there are more data to be added to the above, but those will do for starters.

     At base, it’s an intimidation campaign. The Usurpers want us in the Right to fear them: Oppose us too visibly or vocally, and we will make you suffer. And despite our numbers and their transparent intent, it’s having an effect.

     What can a narrow-gauge commentator usefully say about it? “Don’t be intimidated” — ? It’s a laudable stance, but many in the Right have a lot to lose. Some very prominent Republicans and Trump associates have already lost heavily. Few of us are utterly invulnerable to the Regime.

     I have this fantasy of a mass raid by American patriots on the DC Bastille, freeing the imprisoned and declaring that the end of the Regime’s Reign of Terror is here. Either it will end at once, or the Usurpers will face the severest imaginable retribution, from the top all the way down to the lowest third assistant gopher. But it’s uncertain that there are enough patriots, with enough steel in their spines, to take the risks involved with open eyes and stern hearts.

     I am certain of this: Unless the intimidation campaign is shattered by patriotic counteraction, it will continue to intensify, and the Usurpers’ grip on the nation will tighten. Beyond that, I cannot say.

     Apologies for the depressing thoughts. Perhaps I’ll have something cheerier to say later.


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    • George Mckay on October 13, 2022 at 8:11 AM

    Fran, don’t apologize for speaking the truth.  You seem to dig into my psyche and say what I truly feel.  We are indeed in perilous times and with the moron-in-cheef elucidating about “armageddon” it does not help one iota.

    Down here in Florida we see a microcosm of the world.  Our Governor, the fantastic Ron Desantis is being criticized for not doing enough, fast enough to suit some entitled jackasses.  Those of us who actually know what the hell is going on do not have the megaphone of the MSM so we must go around them.  We get our digs in and comment on their diatribes telling them politely (and for some jackasses not so politely) they are wrong and giving proof of same.  I don’t know if any minds are changed but, we make the effort nevertheless.

    I used to think we really had a chance of making world a better place with truth, justice and the American way – ala Superman.  Alas, DC comics had to dump their latest woke manure.  It would seem that a gay Superman was not only unpopular – it was a huge failure.  In this I thought I saw something good.  Maybe so maybe not.  I bring this up to fortify my thought that calling manure just that – manure is effective.  I have not purchased a comic book in what, 55 years or so.  They sure as hell were not aiming this at me so perhaps there is hope for the future – our grandchildren.  Let us endeavor to make that our priority.

    • jwm on October 13, 2022 at 8:49 AM

    You want a thought to cheer you up? How about Spongebrain, Hairlett, Pelousy, Schitt, Fowtshee, et al looking out through the rails of a  tumbril. Madame G waiting patiently for their arrival. I mean, it ain’t gonna’ happen, but we can dream.



    1. Tumbrils are fine, but I like the brank for them, myself.

  1. We are seeing the end of the USA. It is morphing into something else. There are only two outcomes to the current course: a dictatorship as brutal as the old Soviet one, or a civil war that will make the last one look like a little league baseball game. Heck, both outcomes are plausible at this point.

  2. I would be willing to join that expedition to DC. I have fantasized it for months.

    But it’s like they are bait for that purpose


    • Dusty on October 14, 2022 at 1:50 AM

    Michael Smith on Substack had this to say today and I think it is what we all are experiencing. “”I am just so damned tired of being lied to.
    And not just lied to, the lies are so obvious that they aren’t meant as lies, they are meant as taunts and insults.
    Tired of it.
    Regardless of your political views or ideological bent, you must realize there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Just because you can does not mean you should. It is simply not possible to know the things we know about the way politics are functioning in Washington and believe what we have seen for the past two years is the way it should work. The end does not justify the means when the means degrade or destroy the very system designed to protect us all.
    Until more people see that, we will continue down the road to destruction.
    I want to believe that people are waking up to this fact.”
    Take a gander at his Substack.

    • Alex Lund on October 14, 2022 at 4:31 AM

    While I agree with you about the mass raid freeing the January 6th people I am afraid that train has left the station a long time ago.

    Remember Ruby Ridge, LaVoy Finicum, Waco – just to name a few.

    Just imagine that a few thousnds would have shown up at Ruby Ridge and stormed the area.

    And then dispensed justice.

    That would have been a real kick to the groin.

    But look at it.

    The government knows they can do whatever they want (regardless of country) and get away with it.

    Even your 2nd Amendment in the USA is no protection.

    You could be given even 16inch naval guns with enough ammo to level Washington DC, but there is one thing that nobody has: Willpower.

    (You like books, I like movies. I think that in the movie “Batman Begins” there is the scene where Rhas Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne battle on ice and Rhas tells Bruce that his father died because he didn`t have the WILL TO ACT.)

    1. My fear is that:

      1. You’re correct;
      2. Nothing short of a mass slaughter will change it.
    • Chicolini on October 15, 2022 at 7:05 AM

    A march on DC is a nice fantasy but, local action is more practical. Local not only means “where” but also “who”.

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