This Was Supposed To Be A Day Off…

     …and it will return to that status after I get this off my chest.

     I just paid $5.18 per gallon for a tankful of home heating oil. That’s roughly $1.00 per gallon more than the gasoline that fuels my car.

     New York winters aren’t the worst in the country by a long way, but they’re usually cold, often snowy, and when they’re not snowy they tend to be wet. Those are not conditions anyone wants to face in an unheated house. For the moment, oil is available for purchase…but the word is that oil rationing could begin at any moment. The New England states are already rationing it.

     You know who brought this about. You also know why.

     If we can’t eject these bastards electorally, there will be mass death. If we refuse to fight, thousands of Americans will freeze to death or die of diseases exacerbated by the cold. If we rise up, thousands will die in combat: Usurpers, their hangers-on, and patriots who’ve put their lives on the line because they’ve had enough. There’ll be mass death one way or another. All that will remain to us is to choose who will die and by what method.

     Compared to that, nothing else matters.

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