The Death Cult Doesn’t Hide Anymore

I say that because I, like Fran, have tried for more than 3 decades to get anyone with greater influence than we have to blow the whistle. The last person I expected to get on the bandwagon is Bill Whittle. For all the fine work he has done to express conservative values, he has always been careful not to upset establishment Republicans. For instance, I never ever caught him saying the slightest critical word about John McCain. In fact I even got blasted by him when I warned about the danger that man posed to our more conservative candidates when McCain locked the 2008 GOP Presidential candidacy.

But today, no doubt thanks to the influence of Alphonzo Rachel with whom Bill has co-hosted “The Virtue Signal” and other podcasts, we have this:

“I think it is becoming clearer and clearer to everybody…. Democrats who don’t want to be part of the Death Cult are switching to Republican.” — Bill Whittle @6:55 ‘… but we don’t see any Republicans who want to be part of the Death Cult and switching over to the Left.”

Zo sets that record straight right after that by pointing out how Roe V Wade would have never been established but for Republican votes on SCOTUS. And that the fight against, headed by GOP’s real conservatives, have had their efforts obstructed by the GOPe.

I applaud Zo for his stance. I commend Bill for his giving Zo his platform. I hope Bill is indeed now committed to totally exposing the Death Cult. I can’t speak for Fran, but it’s been a sad and lonely crusade for me.

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  1. As a paid subscriber to, I thoroughly enjoy the interchanges between Zo and Bill. Highly enlightening.And Bill is listening.

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