Two BIG Promotions!

     Yes, Gentle Reader: the time of marketing and promotions is upon us once again. And as I’m fairly sure that you, like me, have had your fill of excessively clever electronic gadgets and ridiculous use-it-once kitchen appliances, you might find these promotions to be more to your taste.

1. Cheap Ammo!

     My friend Jack Neal at CheapAmmo.Com has…cheap ammo in stock! Mirabile Dictu! Here are his current offerings:

  • 9mm Ammo – 500 rounds 115 Grain FMJ – $100 (.20/rd delivered)
  • 5.56 Ammo – 500 rounds 55 Grain FMJ – $160 ( .32/rd delivered)
  • 40 S&W Ammo – 1000 rounds 180 Grain TMJ – $270 (.27/rd delivered)
  • 45 ACP Ammo – 1000 rounds 230 Grain TMJ – $380 (.38/rd delivered)
  • 380 ACP Ammo – 1000 rounds 95 Grain FMJ – $270 (.27/rd delivered)
  • 22 LR Ammo – 3330 rounds 36 Grain CPHP – $200 (.06/rd delivered)

     The ammo is all brass-cased, and the prices become effective at 9 AM on Friday, November 25. Jack’s site will also help you find an FFL for your transfer. As has been said: Guns won’t fill the emptiness in your soul. You need ammo too!

2. Cheap Books!

     My friend Hans G. Schantz is running a $0.99 or free sale for a huge collection of “based” books:

     My novels are in there once again, if you’ve been putting off making their acquaintance, but there are many other worthy writers represented therein. Quite a number of them are brand spankin’ new, so replenish your stacks while the opportunity is here!


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    • OneGuy on November 24, 2022 at 10:35 AM

    Not a fan of black Friday  I treat it like a day when all the stores are closed and just don’t go.  

    1. That’s fine; being allergic to crowds, I stay home myself. But these are Web promotions. No travel necessary.

    • SteveF on November 25, 2022 at 9:18 AM

    Large ammo order placed. The prices on what I bought seem good but not outstanding, but the main effect of your post is that it got me off my butt and actually ordering it rather than “Oh, yah, I’ve been meaning to do that. Maybe tomorrow.”

    • Dwight Greer on November 25, 2022 at 11:00 AM

    A couple of the prices are outstanding.
    Thank you Francis for the heads-up.

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