Statist In A Cleft Stick Dept.

     Men of good will should celebrate every event that compels the evil-minded to show their true colors. This is nowhere more important than when an individual right is under threat. An episode of this kind occurred just yesterday in upstate New York:

     That’s all the specific information I have on this incident. The armed New Yorker, by carrying his handgun in a locale which Kathy Hochul’s “Concealed Carry Improvement Act” forbids (it serves alcoholic beverages), both broke that unconstitutional law and made it possible to end a threat to human life and well-being. That threat had already manifested with two serious injuries to innocent persons. That armed New Yorker is plainly the hero of the hour…but what will law enforcement do about him?

     To protect the innocent, that armed New Yorker broke Hochul’s tyrannical law. He defied the will of the ruler! Hochul is easily power-drunk enough to demand that he be prosecuted under the CCIA atrocity. But that’s a lose-lose situation:

  • If the hero is prosecuted, it flies in the face of public sentiment honoring what he did.
  • If the hero is not prosecuted, it constitutes rule by opinion rather than by the black-letter law.

     Both outcomes are highly undesirable for a ruling-class statist.

     I’m not so hairy-eyed as to suggest that we need more such innocents-endangering episodes to help the right to keep and bear arms along. Even so, I can’t help but grin at what this one is probably doing to Kathy Hochul. After stealing the governorship from Lee Zeldin and striving to strip away New Yorkers’ right to carry a vital tool of self-defense, in an age when it’s become clear that the police are no protection for the private citizen whatsoever, she’s getting exactly what she deserves.

     I hope she gets it “good and hard.” (H. L. Mencken)

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    • Chicolini on January 17, 2023 at 6:20 AM

    Francis, I think the rulers no longer care about public opinion. This guy will be prosecuted for lese majeste.

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