Taking a Break From Clearing out Junk and Packing

I’m already pooped, and I’ve only been working about 3 hours total (lots of short breaks in between – don’t want to screw up the back or knees). But, I’m making progress.

If the blasted rain ever lightens up, I can start moving the trash out to the bins.

My focus is on clearing out stuff that should be:

  • Junked
  • Donated
  • Sold

I’ll worry about packing the week before President’s Day – that’s when DH and my daughter will be flying down to load a truck with stuff (with the assistance of a couple of guys my husband has used in the past for heavy work). My goal is to bring up anything we plan to take with us.

I will be selling some things after I drive back my car. The dining room table, while relatively new and really beautiful, is a monster of heavy, dense wood and marble inserts. I’d be happy to take around 1/2 what I paid for it, just for not having to move it. We have other items that will be sold, as well. [If you are in the Charlotte-Rock Hill area, and want to see what I have, message me through the email in the sidebar, and Fran can forward it to me. I can arrange a time for you to get an advance look at things. I’m looking to get a price comparable to local garage sales/Facebook Marketplace, but any reader here will get preferred customer pricing.