The Death of Character

It’s dead, Honey. Dead as any old ideal that has come into conflict with self-interest.

Whose character?

Those self-important 60s and 70s Elitists who avowed that their refusal to go along with the draft was strictly due to their principled stance on war. NOTHING, you understand, to do with fear of dying/being maimed.

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Those ardent Pro-Women activists who tirelessly fought for Women’s Rights. Until that fight brought them into conflict with entrenched Dems who’d been grossly exploitative of their staffers, volunteers, and hangers-on. So, the Faces of Feminism whored themselves out to save those Nasty Leftist Men.

Below, one of the truly depraved Feminists, whose comment woke me up to reality.

And, now, those “OMG, Trump’s possession of confidential government documents is reason enough to put him in jail” hysterics, once Biden is exposed as having been FAR more careless with Secret Docs:

People of character have the same standards for other people as they have for themselves.

We are not that far removed from the peasants of the Middle Ages, who lived under harsher rules than the Elite. Let’s face it, Entitled Elites STILL face penalties for CRIMINAL activity that is less that the lightest sentences imposed upon the non-Elite. The initial reason for the push to de-criminalize drugs was because too many children of the Elite were getting caught with quantities that would qualify them for long sentences at Hard Time.

Can’t have THAT!

Same with many of the Educational Accommodations – are there kids who do have quirky brain functioning, and could be helped to show what they know through those accommodations? Sure. I’ve seen them in the classroom; many times, they have demonstrated exceptional understanding of concepts that they struggle to show in written format.

However, the system is gamed heavily by the Elite, who cannot accept that their Precious Little Reflection of Themselves is just not all that Bright. Smart enough, but not extraordinary. So, they argue and fight for special breaks for their NOT-qualifying kids, any otherwise exploit the system to push them to ‘glory’ in school.

Only to have them fall apart in many colleges or jobs, when their perfectly average capabilities are revealed. Parental Push can only go so far.