Saturday News Roundup

I’m up early, have been opening tabs. Before I close them, I’d like to pass along items of interest.

Somehow, I doubt recent events – the Chinese “weather balloon” – will effect the Left’s agenda to turn over all valuables to China. But, clearly, we need to. Now.

Okay , this is less consequential, but I did not know this. Why the new Star Wars films suck.

The description of the changes in the original seminar – not merely the ideas, but also the pace and presentation, as well as the give and take of the interactions – make it clear that these insights are not ‘just typical White People resistance’, but more.

I’ve noticed the difference in professional development and graduate class work over the years. What was once a relatively relaxed pace, that allowed processing time and activities designed to foster connections between participants, has become a quick nod to ‘discussion’, then pressure to come to a consensus directed by the leadership to arrive at a predetermined conclusion. Wrongthink is marginalized, ridiculed, and ‘re-phrased’ to twist it into more acceptable expression.

I first noticed this in my grad school classes. Initially, the break was used to interact, discuss the content, and benefit from other’s input. As cell phones became more common, it became an awkward and isolated experience. Attempts to get to know the other students was hampered by the refusal to interact. Perhaps predictably, the Black students were the WORST (particularly the females). They would talk loudly, getting annoyed if our class-related discussion interrupted their conversations with their friends and families.

The idea that THEY should be the ones to move away, if they wanted to conduct their conversations in private, was not even on their horizon. Eventually, under this barrier to communication, most of the groups just gave up interacting.

Ultimately, the Black professor whose colleague had hijacked the seminar was able to continue – with the students who had been purged from it. That example may be the future of those cast out of educational institutions for Wrongthink. They will become, in essence, hedgerow teachers, only able to truly teach outside of the conventional school, to those who yearn to become truly educated.

Not indoctrinated.