It’s Not Often These Days

     …that I see an image on the Web that’s so heart-stoppingly beautiful that I must snag it and post it here for others to swoon over. But it happened just a moment ago. And no, it’s not a picture of a woman.

     Shamelessly stolen from Bustednuckles:

     That’s an old Buick Roadmaster coupe. What I would give, et cetera.

     I’ll be back later, though probably not with anything as stunning as the image above.

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  1. Did you notice the unusual location for the side-view mirrors? !948 was the first year portholes showed up on Buicks, but on very few cars that year. That makes this one quite rare. I doubt the body restorer was the one who relocated the mirrors like that. The original owner may have felt it improved the lines of the car, but most likely it reduces its collector value. But unique sells today, so who knows?

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