It’s Not Just Here

     Have a look at this report from Alice Springs, Australia:

     A cinema in Alice Springs has been forced to board up their front door despite being open after it was broken into five times in the last four weeks.
     Alice Springs Cinemas shared an image of the theatre’s boarded up front door with a ‘come on in we’re open’ sign to their Facebook page on Wednesday.
     The owner explained that, while the cinema is still open to the public, they’ve had to board up their doors after they were broken into multiple times.

     That’s not the only business with a complaint about rising crime:

     It comes a week after another business owner claimed a man armed with a hammer attempted to walk into his business.
     The owner, who has not been named, says four police cars attended the scene on Elder Street ‘quickly’, and chased the man.
     However, the furious man complained the suspect was not arrested or taken into custody….
     In a video shared by community group Action for Alice Springs, the business owner claims he employs three women and one girl and was ‘disgraced’ by the rising crime levels in Alice Springs.
     ‘A guy has walked into site tried to walk inside our business.
     ‘We have four female staff, he’s tried to walk inside our business with a hammer.
     He explained that cops chased the man up the hill and took his hammer, before letting him go.
     ‘He’s allowed to walk the streets.

     Will the Australian government respond by enacting licensing laws about hammers? Who knows? But to complain to the authorities brings the usual rejoinder from the Left: “white supremacy!”

     [Alice Springs realtor Toni] Rowan, who has lived in the town on-and-off since the ‘90s, said the crime was the worst it had ever been and “almost everyone in Alice” was under “very high emotional stress”.
     “The children are running amok, breaking into people’s houses, stirring things up, smashing windows,” she said.
     “I live in fear. People … have threatened to burn my house down, kill my dogs, to rape me. They’re out of control. People come in from the community and yell and scream. You go out and say can you please be quiet and it escalates. ‘You’re a racist see-you-next-Tuesday.’ People are closing down businesses and leaving.”
     “They’re walking around like Bloods and Crips as if they’re in LA or something. That’s what they’re about. They’re definitely on TikTok, they love it. They’re not even scared breaking into places and putting it on social media.”

     There’s more coverage here.

     Time was, I thought I might emigrate to Australia. No longer.

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  1. I never understand the passion of many to consider emigration to the Ozland.

    But, yeah, White Australians are getting pi$$ed off. What was a desirable location is being turned into YATWS (Yah-Twas – Yet Another Third World $hithole).

    AUS is an object example of what happens when you let the Left completely take over, and there are no Constitutional protections against any abuse they care to dish out.

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