The Empire Strikes…Back?

     Ever since World War II, our Ruling Elite has worked to undermine governments elsewhere that have failed to defer to American policy preferences. No, we don’t always bomb them. Sometimes we just foment revolutions against them.

     Sundance at The Last Refuge believes that the Usurper Regime has undertaken an effort to weaken or depose Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, one of Europe’s few genuinely nationalist executives:

     Hungary has been in the crosshairs of the Biden/Obama administration ever since Prime Minister Viktor Orban refused to align with the WEF Western Democracies in their quest for regime change in Russia. As the NATO led western alliance assembled to use Ukraine as a proxy war against Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban would not join.

     By Washington’s standards, that’s treason against the New World Order. NATO is the globalists’ proudest achievement. Everyone is expected to salute when it raises its standard. But wait: there’s more!

     Within the statements reported from his 2022 victory speech, Prime Minister Orban warned citizens of the NATO and western allied countries about the manipulation of Ukraine and how he views the Zelenskyy regime: […] “while speaking to supporters on Sunday, Orban singled out Zelenskyy as part of the “overwhelming force” that he said his party had struggled against in the election — “the left at home, the international left, the Brussels bureaucrats, the Soros empire with all its money, the international mainstream media, and in the end, even the Ukrainian president.” (link)

     So the regime the Usurpers are straining to build up is Orban’s open enemy! And there’s more yet:

  • Hungary warned citizens of the west about the New World Order, created through Ukraine.
  • Hungary continued to purchase Russian oil and natural gas. Zelenskyy and the Western alliance were furious.
  • Hungary said they would continue energy purchases in Rubles if that is what Russia demanded.

     Viktor Orban is more concerned with the well-being of Hungary and Hungarians than he is with the Zelensky-led kleptocracy over Ukraine. He’s also fiercely protective of Hungary’s national culture and resolute in opposing its dilution through uncontrolled immigration. Great God in heaven, a national chief executive who puts his nation first! What has the world come to?

     Will the Usurper / globalist alliance succeed in toppling Orban? That remains to be seen. Also, keep an eye on Italy. Giorgia Meloni is no favorite of the globalists either.