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A Millennial Conflict

     Earlier today, I put forth a provocative proposition. Candidly, it was so provocative that it deserved large font: The State and God are enemies.      That probably upset a few folks excessively devoted to the opinions of Saint Paul:      Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power …

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Scare Talk Often Means Only That The Talker Is Scared

     Good morning, Gentle Reader. The “Future Columns” folder is bulging, as usual, but of all the subjects addressed therein, only one piques my interest today:      From the White House to think tanks, and even mainstream media outlets like CNN, White Christian nationalists have been vilified, being labeled as the greatest threat to national …

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The Empire Strikes…Back?

     Ever since World War II, our Ruling Elite has worked to undermine governments elsewhere that have failed to defer to American policy preferences. No, we don’t always bomb them. Sometimes we just foment revolutions against them.      Sundance at The Last Refuge believes that the Usurper Regime has undertaken an effort to weaken or …

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