The War On Life: Dispatches From The Front Lines

     I’d hazard a guess that most people either don’t know about the abovementioned conflict, or are desperate to ignore it. That’s usually the case with wars: anyone not actually toting a rifle usually does his damnedest to act as if everything is perfectly, peacefully normal. Even so, many who pretend so must struggle to maintain the pretense. This is especially the case in the United States, where wars seldom touch the homeland and armaments are one of our principal exports.

     Yet there is a war on. It’s rising in intensity as we speak. Should current trends continue, you might soon find yourself toting a rifle too.

     Have a few links:

     While that’s all recent stuff, I’ve been on this beat for quite some time. You can read my compendium of earlier essays if you like, or you can read the more recent pieces Pascal and I have posted here. Or you can cover your eyes and pretend it isn’t happening, a distressingly popular option. But it is happening. It’s not just a blockbuster film coming soon to a theater near you.

     As I dislike having to repeat myself, I’ll let the above-cited book and articles stand on their own. Consult them or not as you please. I have another thread of the anti-life tapestry in mind this morning.


     At the moment, the hard Left is in power in Washington. As it has instituted various mechanisms for electoral fraud across the continent, and since the nation’s many Boards of election are heavily dominated by its allegiants, the prospects for displacing it by ballot are poor. Add to this the Republican Party Establishment’s seeming embrace of permanent minority status, and it begins to look as if a Twenty-First Century form of socialism will be fastened upon us willy-nilly.

     That form will differ considerably from socialist practice in the century behind us. Those earlier socialists prized their subject populations and took measures to prevent their diminution. The socialists of today are of another mindset.

     The masters of the political Establishment have a much shorter time horizon than any previous generation. A key theme of their rule is the sterilization of the populace, to the greatest possible extent. It’s plain that they oppose human reproduction, as witness the various anti-natal fads they champion. Though it might seem unconnected, they dislike to see orphaned children adopted for a related reason: we the living are not merely to eschew reproduction, but to be discouraged from thinking of the future for any reason.

     He who thinks of the future will naturally make provisions for it. He’ll save. He’ll acquire useful skills. He’ll ponder measures that might preserve and propagate those things he values, and will choose among them according to their efficiency. Not least of all, he’ll become involved in his community, for a man alone is far more vulnerable than a numerous and well prepared group.

     Leftist policies oppose all of that:

  • It has degraded the currency to discourage savings.
  • It has destroyed education in useful and practical disciplines.
  • It has made it ever more difficult to arm oneself and become proficient.
  • It has discouraged community involvement through “domestic terrorism” nonsense.
  • It has promoted concepts and practices that are inherently anti-natal and destructive of families.

     Add the current drive toward global war, and the future starts looking pretty bleak. Might as well live for the moment, eh what? But having babies? That’s so not on the agenda.


     Hans G. Schantz has provided a thought-provoking graphic:

     That might have been intended to be “tongue-in-cheek.” Yet it hews very close to the truth. It points up another element in the Left’s anti-future campaign: the distancing of the sexes from one another. Anyone familiar with militant feminism’s all but explicit condemnations of men as such, and with the swelling male “go your own way” counter-reaction, will see this at once.

     This is all congenial to those at the levers of power – national and global. They intend to thin us out. Their thinking is not connected to “climate change,” or “the population bomb,” or any of their other nostrums for popular consumption. It’s solely and entirely about power.

     Certain threads in their campaign have been growing more solid day by day. Consider the measures various countries have taken that retard food production. Consider the ongoing campaigns to deny irrigation water to agricultural districts. Consider the open hostility toward the meat industry. And don’t forget the drive to get us to eat bugs.

     You have to get the feeling that “they” don’t like “us” very much at all. But that’s surely consistent with being members of a death cult.


     One last thought and I’ll close for today. Now and then the media will focus on some large family – large in that it has more than three children – and bring it to public attention. What is the usual gloss laid onto such families? Are they celebrated as champions of life and love? Not in my experience; indeed, one of the most famous, the Duggars, have been under continuous attack. Another, the Duck Dynasty clan, has been ridiculed and castigated for everything but being white…and don’t worry; the Left will get around to that as well.

     There can be only one conclusion from all this. I’ve already stated it, but here’s a handy graphic I encourage you to pass around:

     Have a nice day.