Open War Is Upon Us

     Whether we like it or not. Please click through and watch the video:

     That aired on the BBC yesterday — Saint Patrick’s Day. So did this clip:

     Isn’t it getting a wee bit obvious, Gentle Reader? On one of the most joyous Christian celebrations in the Western world, what do those…people lambaste us with? Nothing Christian, to be sure. Paeans to paganism. Lectures about “racism,” “xenophobia,” and “the contributions of migrants” to Irish history!

     There is a full-scale attack in progress on everything Christian, everything Western, and – I must include this, so forgive me if it raises your neck hair yet again – everything white. It no longer attempts to be subtle. It no longer uses the “but” sidestep. It simply effaces and obliterates all the distinguishing characteristics of Christian-Enlightenment civilization. It gives everything non-Christian, non-Western, and non-white pride of place even on occasions such as Saint Patrick’s Day.

     I fear for Easter this year. What will they batter us with then? Islamic scripture? The life and loves of Muhammad? Or perhaps a recruitment video for al-Qaeda?

     It’s time to get seriously angry.

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    • Delta3Two on March 18, 2023 at 6:17 AM

    Serious ?  Then try to organize like-minded souls.


    Verify your zero.

    Make Peace with your family.

    Make Peace with our Lord.


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