Courage Or Opportunism?

     At this point, I’m unable to take any mainstream “journalist” seriously. They strike me as a clique of toadies, ever willing to kowtow before power in the hope of ingratiating themselves and winning “access.” Thus, I entreat you to view the following:

     I don’t know the “reporter” who condemned Lori Lightfoot to her face. What I do know is this: she will soon no longer be the mayor of Chicago. Given that, what negative consequences is the “reporter” likely to face? Any? None?

     Perhaps I’m being unjustifiably harsh. The next mayor might be a Democrat and a Lightfoot ally. All the same, this looks to me like opportunism rather than journalistic courage. Your opinion is your own.

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    • James Young on March 19, 2023 at 4:31 PM

    Mr. Kelly is a reporter that Mayor Lightfoot removed from the “approved” City Hall press corps.  She did not like the questions he posed regarding her policies.

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