Things to Consider Before Buying a New Car

Many of the new electric cars are ditching the AM radios, claiming interference from the electrical system makes them not worth the effort to put them in.

I wrote here about several reasons this is a bad idea.

Now, I think we have to be on the alert for ANY restrictions on our freedom to live our lives as we choose:

  • Owning/using a gun – this is one of those issues on which the states have started to step up and codify our 2nd Amendment rights. See here for a list of states and their Open Carry status (also links to Concealed Carry info).
  • Local ordinances – may restrict your rights as a landowner.
  • Busybody organizations trying to ferret out who owns guns, their positions on various political and social issues – that includes not just the obvious – schools, medical offices, law enforcement – but also involves which organizations – police, sheriffs, courts, and other parts of government – will block ATF and other Federal attempts to nose out handgun permits, gun purchases, and the like. Check with your local bank and credit card providers, and TRY to find some that will be on YOUR side. A good place to start is often credit unions which are locally run.
  • HOAs – Homeowner Associations – they are the very WORST at working overtime to restrict their members. I spent some effort when buying a home in 2021, to avoid them. I did so because of the well-known hostility to external modifications to property, such a outdoor radio antennas. There are whole books on so-called Stealth Antennas, that will not be detectable by those busybodies. My attitude is, Why the HELL should I have to tiptoe around on my OWN property? Be forewarned in future land/home purchases.

The less anyone knows about my business, the happier I am.