The Loss of Information on the Internet

So much of it is now (at best) thinly-veiled propaganda, disguised press releases by partisan sources, gossip and junk. Blogs are now assuming new importance, as they serve as an alternative to the Corporate/NGO/Partisan ‘News’.

Ace of Spades has a good post on just how that’s done.

I spent a lot of time in the last couple of weeks NOT on the internet. Oh, I USED it – to borrow library books, pay bills, keep in touch by email, and amusing myself by looking for funny memes.

I’d been too under the weather with a nasty and prolonged asthma attack, to care much about keeping up with the news. What reading I did was mostly fluff.

I didn’t miss much, other than up to the minute news about Carlson’s leaving Fox News. It was worth it to take a break from it all. I feel refreshed and with some energy today.

I may try 1 or 2 day breaks in the future. Sunday seems like a good day to start.