The Idiosyncratic Extreme Exhaustion Edition (IEEE?)

     Nothing makes me wearier than shouting into a gale, yet I do it here virtually every day. The exhaustion arises, not from the physical effort it requires, but from the sense of futility it involves. Still, someone has to do it – few are brave enough to say certain things, these days – and I’m fortunate in being invulnerable to some of the Left’s favorite tactics.


1. “Too Obvious”

     Here’s the theme-setter for today:

     That’s one of the most destructive of all the Leftist division-tactics currently in play. Some of what it implies is too obvious for me to slight my Gentle Readers’ intelligence by explicating. The rest brings me too near to apoplexy for a sufferer of extreme hypertension.

     We’ve had enough cases of this, these past few years, that I fail to see what an argument over it would achieve. Increased racial division is too obviously the point of the thing – and it is in the nature of the enhanced-aggression / low-impulse-control Negro race to react with still further violence.

     The young Marine who took down a violent, abusive black thug on a New York City subway is about to experience the consequences of acting in defense of others:

     A U.S. Marine veteran accused of killing erratic New York City subway passenger Jordan Neely after placing him in a chokehold Monday will likely be arrested, experts told Fox News Digital.

     After Neely, 30, began ranting on the F train in Lower Manhattan, the Marine vet dragged the mentally ill man to the ground and held him with his arm over his neck for 15 minutes, according to Juan Alberto Vazquez, who shot now-viral cellphone video of the incident.

     “Even if you’re initially allowed to use force, it has to be proportional, and a 15-minute chokehold, that’s a pretty long time. At the point that the threat is immobilized, you’re no longer permitted to use force,” former Manhattan prosecutor turned criminal defense lawyer Mark Bederow told Fox News Digital.

     That young Marine should get a medal, the keys to the city, and a ticker-tape parade. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who is responsible for the plague of violent black thugs terrorizing the Big Apple today, should be hanged by the neck until dead – and in a rational society, he would experience that penalty at once and in public. That is, unless New Yorkers would prefer to have a wave of Bernhard Goetzes correct their public-disorder problems.


2. “If You Meet Mush, Push!”

     New York isn’t the only city where Negroes-in-ascendancy are asserting power over us:

     In a way, this…person’s brass is a model for the rest of us to study. She trumpets her falsehoods and demands with no embarrassment, nor with any fear of being contradicted or shamed. Damned few of us in the Right would be equally bold even in stating documented truths.

     I’m out of touch with developments in Denver, so I can’t report on the general reaction to Miss CdeBaca’s demands. Nevertheless, it was assuredly the voters of that city who gave her a seat on their council. Truly, as ye sow, so shall ye reap. Or as H. L. Mencken put it, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”


3. “All It Takes Is…”

     Among the saddest of all pronouncements on our social and political ills are those that proclaim solutions that:

  1. Would definitely work…
  2. …but are impossible de facto of attainment.

     Here’s one from a commentator I generally agree with. Jared Taylor runs down the list of our worst social and political pathologies, and fingers the cause:

     All these things have something in common: Pathological individualism. An inability – or a refusal – to think beyond narrow, personal interests.

     As I’m an individualist, it would seem…well…pathological for me to agree with this diagnosis. Yet I do, because not thinking beyond narrow personal interests is shortsighted. As individuals, we face a tough task surviving, to say nothing of flourishing, in a hostile environment. We need cooperation from those around us sufficient to give us space and time in which to labor and establish our personal redoubts. The late Marshall Fritz once declaimed upon this, and no one more favorable to individualism and individual freedom has ever lived.

     As I said a few days ago, the people striving to reduce us to rightless serfs a hair’s breadth from poverty and squalor are not stupid. Evil motives do not require stupidity from their possessor. The Usurpers of America’s governments and public institutions are rich in “pride, craft, and cruelty.” (Leo Tolstoy) To quote that earlier piece:

     We’re being made to run on a wheel. Our existences are being reduced to futility by the application of ever harsher constraints and survival pressures. We’re getting nowhere, we’re tiring from the effort, and the Usurpers are making the wheel ever harder to spin.

     The Tennessee Star editorial proposes a “grand alliance” of the great mass of us who want our country back as it was. The Usurpers hope to prevent exactly that, which is the central reason for their policies. As they force Us the People to struggle ever harder to keep ourselves and our loved ones alive, adequately provided for, and reasonably safe, they drain us of the energy that would make it possible to resist them. A man who’s barely succeeding at “treading water” can spare no thought for anything but survival.

     The “grand alliance” paradigm isn’t unique to the Tennessee Star. Jared Taylor’s prescription is close to identical to it. But too many of us have no margin for any kind of activism, no matter how beneficial. Consider the identities of visible activists: the majority of them are persons being supported by others. They’re not “treading water.”

     There are solutions to our problems. Today it takes courage and the willingness to endure a fair amount of abuse even to speak of them, especially those that would correct for our flirtation with “diversity” and “multiculturalism.” The malevolent ones who have captured the corridors of power have already made the most direct of them practically unattainable. In this lies a lesson for our posterity, assuming we can stir our gonads enough to produce any.

     Have a nice day.


    • jwm on May 6, 2023 at 8:22 AM

    It is not my intention to throw gasoline on a fire, but consider. The last presidential election was flagrantly stolen by fraud. In which precincts did the most egregious fraud happen? Was it out there in the Pleasant Valley suburbs? Which precincts vote at over 100%? Must be those Kiwanis Club types. There are those who are cruel, and cunning enough to deliberately stoke hatred, and weaponize a feral population against those they perceive as “the enemy”, you know- us.

    • Evil Franklin on May 6, 2023 at 9:38 AM

    A selfish individual, out of necessity, must think far beyond himself.  
    He must study history, economics, government and other areas that can affect him.  How else will he be able to gain an inkling of what the future may hold.  How else will he be able to prepare to protect himself, his family and his community.
    What will the selfish man do?  He will see that history repeats itself and build his life accordingly.
    Evil Franklin

    • Godhelpus on May 9, 2023 at 7:34 AM

    You may be shouting into the void but their are a few of us out here who feel like you do. I certainly appreciate your efforts.

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