The Follies Of Friday Columniating

     By the time Friday gets here, I’m usually exhausted. Today is such a Friday. Atop that, I’m sort of in mourning. Holly, our beloved hot tub these past fifteen years, is scheduled to be cut up and hauled away this morning. So have a few links, with brief comments, and enjoy your weekend:

1. One deceiver is no better than another.

     Ilana Mercer likes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Yes, when it comes to preserving and defending freedom, the GOP has proved unwilling, incapable, or both. That doesn’t mean we should trust a Democrat. Especially not a Kennedy.

     Politics remains a wrong turning. Don’t get caught in yet another bait-and-switch.

2. The racialist hucksters have named a number.

     …and that number is impressive: $14 trillion, which is more than half of the annual Gross Domestic Product of the Land of the Formerly Free. It’s time for some actual American, hopefully one with a national profile, to have a little chat with her:

Cori Bush: We want $14 trillion!
Patriot: Or what?
Bush: Excuse me?
Patriot: You heard me: Or what?
Bush: Don’t the…protests of the last few years mean anything to you? We want justice!
Patriot: You don’t want justice; you want a bribe for not going on another rampage. We’re done with that. There are eighty million heavily armed white men in this country. There are forty million of you. If you want a war, just say the word.

     I know, I know: Not gonna happen. Well, I can dream.

3. This is a U.S. Senator?

     The following should tell you all you need to know about “Senator” John Fetterman of Pennsylvania:

     Note the careful attention to Senate dress codes:

4. This might be the back-breaking straw.

     Americans have been excessively nonconfrontational about many things. Noxious behavior and noxious opinions have proliferated for that reason. But we still stand up for our children:

     Willing or not, here they come. The destructive transgender cult has become so confident and aggressive that White House Press Secretary and professional liar Karine Jean-Pierre just echoed Joe Biden and declared that parents have no right to object to transgender surgeries: “These are our kids. They belong to all of us.”

     Jean-Pierre claimed that she has “met a lot of parents of trans kids … saying how they now have to seriously consider leaving their state to protect their child.” What she means is that some sane states have passed restrictions on permanently damaging “treatments” like puberty blockers and mutilating transgender “surgeries.” How does encouraging a minor to undergo double mastectomies count as “protecting” the child? KJP added, “That’s something that we have to call out and continue to be very clear about. These are kids. These are our kids. They belong to all of us.”

     That’s from the White House Press Secretary, Gentle Reader. That’s the official administration stance on transgendering minor children. I have hopes that if this should get around widely enough, it might be the trigger for the righteous fury we need. We do still love our children…don’t we?

5. A little Catholicism.

     I’ve long admired columnist David Warren. His site Essays in Idleness is a gem of its kind. His latest essay at The Catholic Thing has a few words to say about today’s most sacred cow, “science:”

     Science, as popularly defined, tells people not to pay attention. It takes things that might seem remarkable, and explains them away. For everything can be simply explained. We are reassured that everything is boring, and that by asking questions, and seeking answers, we are wasting our time. Worse, we are wasting the time of others, including the experts, who decide what science is.
     Scientists are important people. One mustn’t waste their time.
     Attention, curiously, is a moral (not scientific) act. It reflects moral character, and it changes the world, from the glibness I have been, as usual, protesting, to the interesting, the paradoxical, the amazing, and the profound. It is the means whereby we discover beauty — right here, in the middle of this world, where it wasn’t expected to be.
     But we are living in a left-brained democracy, in which decisions are made for everyone, as they were throughout the Batflu crisis, in which we had to do stupid things, like wearing masks, and taking untested vaccinations. Huge bureaucracies decided such things, and continue to decide for us, on the “one size fits all” principle — that suits, for instance, Big Pharma and the inmates of laboratories.

     Please read it all, for it is brilliant from first to last.


     I think that’s all for today. It’s time to get on with other things. Enjoy your Friday, and contemplate this bit of regret I heard recently from a colleague”

“Maybe we should have let them eat the Tide Pods.”

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  1. Sorry Fran, I recalled this yesterday and was distracted at the time.

    From 2014:

    Guaranteed RFK Jr still is angered about those who dared blocked the earlier of the Marxist efforts he does favor. Such a great libertarian that he would jail anyone who speaks out against his beliefs.

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