Dialogues To Come

     If there are any left-liberal moonbats in your orbit, you’re bound to have a conversation with them, sooner or later, about “diversity.” There’s no way around it. They worship the word though they shudder and shy away from the reality. But even as they put their homes on the trading block in an effort to escape your “diversifying” neighborhood, they’ll do their earnest best to persuade you to embrace it.

     Some years ago, the paramour of a good friend counseled me exactly that way. In an attempt to probe her convictions on the subject a bit more deeply than was customary at that time, I asked her, in roughly these words: So if my neighborhood were “turning black,” I should stay here even so? She replied that it would be morally obligatory for me to do so.

     Which makes it “morally obligatory” that you be prepared for a sally such as this:

Left-Liberal Moonbat: We can all get along if we just try harder!

     To which the rejoinder I favor would be:

FWP: No, we can’t. It’s been established empirically.

     …followed by working the pump on your 12-gauge and ambling away.

     Other leftist claims, such as “Socialism would work if the right people were in charge,” should be met similarly. It’s smart policy to “save your breath.” After all, you have no idea how many more you’ll draw.

     (Concerning “diversity,” see also this Kevin Downey article. Yes, I’m in one of those moods.)

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    • Evil Franklin on May 24, 2023 at 8:52 AM

    The only way we can get along is if one of us is dead. You first.

    Diversifying a neighborhood casts a pal that can only be defeated by casting out those responsible.

    Evil Franklin

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