Yet Another Surgery Day

     Once again I must drive the C.S.O. a long distance for a surgical procedure, so I haven’t the time for a big essay today. However, I do have a quick thought to leave with you: Lawyer and author Harvey Silverglate posits in Three Felonies A Day that the complexity and obscurity of law today guarantees that a determined prosecutor could legitimately charge any of us with three felonies on any day of our adult lives. This gives special force to Lawrence Block’s semi-sarcastic witticism “It ain’t who you know, it’s what you’ve got on ‘em.” It also feels relevant to what the Establishment has been doing to deny President Trump all possibility of returning to the Oval Office. Add this striking report, consider the welter of “procedure crimes” written into federal law, and ask yourself: Did Trump enter high office aware that everything he would do – indeed, everything he had ever done – down to the most minuscule and innocent things, would be scrutinized in an attempt to ruin him?

     Have a nice day.

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  1. Hope the CSO is feeling better.

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