Is This What We Have Hoped For?

     “Upon occasion, the annelid completes a circuit.” — Piers Anthony

     When your enemy overplays his hand, it’s time to rejoice…and to counterattack:

     We may be pale shadows of what our ancestors were, but we can still rise to protect our kids.

     The recognition is swelling: The alphabet-people are Death Cultists. They are determined to have their way with our kids. Why? Because they can’t produce their own, of course! Their movement is biologically sterile. What they cannot make, they must steal.

     I could not have foreseen that their movement would penetrate this far before righteous reaction would set in. I’d have thought parental revulsion would manifest long before this. Yet here we are. Much damage has been done, but more can be prevented. Every parent in this land must rise to the occasion.

     School boards that refuse to expel the alphabet-groomers from the classroom must be evicted from their positions – physically if necessary. Colleges and universities that create “curricula” that glorify the alphabet-madness, regardless of its specific form, must be deprived of enrollees and funding. Private organizations dependent on our patronage, if they promote the “Pride” BS, must lose that patronage. And of course, public officials – elected or appointed – must be compelled to repudiate the “Pride” anti-gospel. The phrase of the hour is By Any Means Necessary.

     As the links above make plain, we’re already scoring victories. Some of those victories arose from the utter shock of the alphabet-activists that anyone would dare oppose them, especially children. And as good tacticians must, we must reinforce our successes. Action and money must pour into the effort in those places where the alphabet-activists are “on the back foot.” There must be no let-up.

     Our successes will embolden those who are with us but have feared to act. Others will rise to the occasion. Make this our clarion call:

     That’s all that need be said, really. You know what to do. Now do it.

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    • Evil Franklin on June 14, 2023 at 7:48 AM

    I’m rather surprised that we haven’t seen a pride flag with the slash O displayed across its’ face.
    I’ve tried to create such a meme, but, so far, have been unable.

    If anyone has seen such a meme please attach a link.

    Evil Franklin

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