Category: transgenderism

Insanity Is A Spectrum

     I’ll say it again: I have two friends who are transwomen. As far as I know, they’re self-supporting, physically healthy, and socially acceptable. One of them, an accomplished software engineer, has even functioned as an “alpha reader” for my last few novels. But I encountered them through Liberty’s Torch V1.0, which attracts only persons …

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The Cancelers’ First-Priority Target (UPDATED)

     It’s none other than Libs of TikTok: These are the people teaching your kids — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) August 9, 2022      This is but an item from the fringe of the transgender-evangelists’ madness. Madness, when both tolerated and celebrated, engenders further madness. The unwillingness to confront madness and label it as …

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