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Naming What They’re Doing… And Why

     Pascal sent me a link to the following brief speech by Laura Aboli, about whom I previously knew nothing. I think we have a new heroine – and I hope to hear more from her.      Perhaps Rand was prescient about this as well:      “There was a time when men were afraid that …

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Unpleasant Foresight

     Four years ago, I made a video in which I predicted, among other things, that if the mushrooming political polarization of the American people should continue as it had begun, hospitals would soon refuse treatment to patients of the “wrong” political persuasion. That video, much to my surprise, is still up at YouTube. Not …

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I’m tired of being right

We told you this would happen. Lots of people, not just myself, said that women were going to be forced to deal with male genitalia in the showers under the guise of “Trans rights”. Lo and behold…. An 18-year-old military recruit forced to shower with biological males as part of the Biden administration’s transgender policies …

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Is This What We Have Hoped For?

     “Upon occasion, the annelid completes a circuit.” — Piers Anthony      When your enemy overplays his hand, it’s time to rejoice…and to counterattack: Major League Baseball is learning this. Both leagues, too. Of course, the groomers are unhappy. Colleges will soon find out. Public schools, too. Parents are mobilizing. And the alphabet-people are really …

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     I have to hit the ground running and might not be back until the afternoon, so here’s a little something to kickstart the day, shamelessly stolen from Weasel Zippers:      Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton could not be reached for comment.

If The Shoe Fits Dept.

     Lesley Stahl is a socialist. That’s been an open secret for decades. As such, she’s a fierce defender of the Democrat Party, which is now openly socialist in agenda. However, her elevation to CBS’s once-admired “60 Minutes” staff made it necessary to pretend that she’s an impartial, objective journalist. So naturally – ? – …

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The Moral “Should” Be “Obvious”

     I receive a daily newsletter called The Pour Over. It bills itself as news from a Christian perspective, and that’s exactly what it is. The stories are interleaved with bits of Scripture and related wisdom. It makes quite a contrast with the offerings of “secular” media, which are effectively value-free these days. I find …

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The Weapon

     Eric Frank Russell, one of the most talented writers of his day, left as his legacy to the developing field of science fiction a magnificent novella titled “And Then There Were None.” (Yes, I’ve commended it here before this.) This novella is so powerful, and so memorable, that it was awarded a place in …

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South Park Scores!

In one minute and 25 seconds, @SouthPark said all the things we aren’t allowed to say about trans “women” and abortions.#trans #abortion #women #biologicalwomen #SouthPark — Natalie Argyle (@NatalieArgyle) February 2, 2023      And it’s from 2005!      ‘Nuff said.

Had Enough Yet?

     I have:      Josh Alexander, 16, is not allowed to attend school for the rest of the year after saying he would continue to express his belief that God created only two genders. The school told him his presence would be “detrimental to the physical and mental well-being” of transgender students, Alexander told The …

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Insanity Is A Spectrum

     I’ll say it again: I have two friends who are transwomen. As far as I know, they’re self-supporting, physically healthy, and socially acceptable. One of them, an accomplished software engineer, has even functioned as an “alpha reader” for my last few novels. But I encountered them through Liberty’s Torch V1.0, which attracts only persons …

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The Cancelers’ First-Priority Target (UPDATED)

     It’s none other than Libs of TikTok: These are the people teaching your kids — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) August 9, 2022      This is but an item from the fringe of the transgender-evangelists’ madness. Madness, when both tolerated and celebrated, engenders further madness. The unwillingness to confront madness and label it as …

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