Insanity Is A Spectrum

     I’ll say it again: I have two friends who are transwomen. As far as I know, they’re self-supporting, physically healthy, and socially acceptable. One of them, an accomplished software engineer, has even functioned as an “alpha reader” for my last few novels. But I encountered them through Liberty’s Torch V1.0, which attracts only persons of above-average intelligence and (mostly) good sense. (I almost wrote “moistly,” which should give you a sense for the evil imp who lives in my backbrain.) So we have an “existence proof:” there are transgendered persons who are not so thoroughly deluded that they constitute a danger to themselves, others, or the general order of the universe.

     But hey! Have a look at Canadian Green Party potentate Amita Kuttner:

     If offhandedly referring to you by the pronouns proper to your biological sex hurts you so greatly, “Mr.” Kuttner, your emotional fragility suggests that you shouldn’t be in public life. At least, I would doubt the aggregate sanity of a political party that would choose you to be its chief representative to your nation. But then, Greenies are somewhere “out there” on the sanity spectrum, too.

     I know, I know. “It takes all kinds.” I’ve heard that often enough. But no one has ever told me why.

     (Applause to David Thompson.)


    • James Archer on September 8, 2022 at 12:32 PM

     I have no issue with anyone finding their own identity, if asked politely I would be perfectly willing to accept that identity.  However I have no patience with those who demand that I promote whatever identity they happen to have and I vehemently oppose indoctrinating children.  If children seek answers on their own initiative more power to them and perhaps school counselors should be trained in how to talk to them.  But no indoctrination, no promotion to the general school population, no drag queen shows. 

    • Amy on September 8, 2022 at 2:05 PM

    If someone referred to me by the “wrong” pronouns, which is to say, pronouns other than “she/her/hers,” I would politely correct them.  I might become indignant, particularly if they persist, but not because they constitute some sort of “threat” to my self-image, or make me feel “hurt and isolated.”  It would be more along the lines of “clearly, I’m dealing with a boor here, who is hell-bent on being rude to me.” This would cause me to revise my expectations of them…downward.
    I don’t believe in “indoctrinating” children, I believe in listening to them, and, if they say there’s an issue with their gender identity, believing them, and seeking out additional guidance to ensure that they truly do believe what they believe about themselves, before taking any steps that aren’t easily reversible.  But I don’t encourage anyone, young or old, to transition unnecessarily. Heavens, I don’t even encourage men to crossdress; you have to really feel the need to do so, deep down, or you’re just going to feel ridiculous.

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