The 2022 Based Fall Book Sale

     Hans G. Schantz, author of the Hidden Truth trilogy, is once again hosting a gigantic $0.99 or free sale of “non-woke” books:

     Some complain about the culture. Others do something about it.

     Support non-woke authors and get yourself some great books from both established and emerging talent for only $0.99 – many titles free! It’s a sale too big for just one blog post, three sales in one!

     Fan Favorites: These are some of the most popular titles from previous sales. This is a great place to start, if you’ve never been to a sale before, or if you want to be sure you haven’t overlooked a great deal.

     New Additions: These are new releases and other books that we have not previously featured in a sale, or that haven’t been in a sale recently. If you’ve been to the sale before, this is a great place to start for some fresh reads.

     Non-Fiction Sale: We even have a few non-fiction titles, all new to the sale.

     And yes: once again, my stuff is included among all those more notable names. So fill up your Kindle or NOOK or what have you! What are you waiting for, Saint Swithin’s Day?

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  1. Thank you for the link. Some of them I already had, but I spent a few minutes and picked up some new ones. 

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