1. Conversations.

     Let’s start with something light:

FWP: How on earth did the word “lumber” pick up the secondary meaning of “to move slowly and clumsily?”
CSO: What makes you so sure that wasn’t the original meaning?

FWP: Well…all right, then how on Earth did the word “lumber” pick up the secondary meaning of “a piece of wood?”
CSO: Because of how slowly the Ents move!
FWP: (groans)


2. The Hate-Whites Campaign.

     This article from Information Liberation demonstrates the depth of the Left’s need to hate someone:

     From Wokeness Studies scholar Zach Goldberg:

     1/n If 2016 was the year white liberals started rating non-whites more warmly than whites, 2020 was the year they started.. a) rating whites as more violent than blacks

     — Zach Goldberg (@ZachG932) September 2, 2022

     Please read it all. It’s mostly a series of tweets. Every opinion cited is in direct contradiction to the objective, easily observable facts. And ponder this: How deep does a man’s need to hate have to be to get him to hate himself? The great majority of those on the Left are as white as I am!


3. “Whom The Finger Of Allah Hath Touched.”

     One of my fiction idols, the late, great Robert A. Heinlein, wrote in his Future History series about “the Crazy Years:” a period in which mass irrationality had come to dominate the public American landscape. Yet his stories of that time were mild compared to what we see around us today. Have a few guaranteed-non-fattening slices:

  1. Transgender evangelists spoiling for a fight…in Utah!
  2. A thoroughly discredited has-been claiming that We in the Right are the ones who want a civil war.
  3. Yet another case of prolonged Hollywood exposure driving an innocent young woman off the rails.

     Sometimes comment is completely unnecessary. Well, maybe a little:

  1. A glare, a menacing rise from one’s seat, and a growl of “What the fuck is your problem?” will often avert an unpleasant encounter of this kind. If not, there’s always fisticuffs.
  2. We speak here of the lowest imaginable form of celebrity: one with absolutely nothing to offer anyone.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence is a fine actress, but Hollywood has plainly ruined her. She should have spent less time with Harvey Weinstein and Amy Schumer, and more with Jim Caviezel and Chris Pratt. She could have learned something worth knowing.


4. Death Cult Speculations.

     Beloved Co-Conspirator Pascal has on many occasions urged me to emphasize the “Death Cults” motif. It is to him and equally beloved Co-Conspirator Linda Fox that credit for this little tome should go. And indeed, there are easily observed, easily identified forces that are nudging Mankind toward extinction by is own hand.

     This morning, in an email recommending this podcast — which, unfortunately, I cannot play, as I refuse to use any Apple product – he comments thus:

     Sachs explains the blowback he received once he began discovering the task force he headed was totally infiltrated.

     Fully involved in the development of this virus as a bioweapon – Fauci, Baric, Daszak and the CIA.

     I don’t want to believe it – I’m desperate for some sign that, as bad as the Usurper Regime demonstrably is, it doesn’t intend our extermination – but the evidence is accumulating to a terrifying height. Especially in light of the contemporaneous accumulation of evidence that the “vaccines” are decidedly more harmful than the COVID-19 virus itself.

     Form your own opinions, but as for me, no one will get near me with that crap unless I run out of ammo…and I have a lot of ammo.


5. Relations Between The Sexes.

     The institution of marriage, which evolved for the protection of each party from the other’s caprices, has been under assault for quite a while now. In commenting on the matter, SteveF at Cold Fury makes some penetrating observations, the key to which is this one:

     “Women control access to sex. Men control access to marriage.”

     This is a special case of an important principle of interaction: the ability to say “no” confers the ultimate degree of control. Yes, women control access to sex…but today, they no longer reserve sex for the married state. Men retain the ability to decline marriage, which implies that the desire for sex – with women, that is – is no longer a deciding factor in their decisions about marriage.

     Despite that, and despite the well-documented hazards, men continue to marry women. Indeed, we retain the initiative in decisions marital and are almost always the ones to make the move toward marriage. It’s something that should inspire more thought than it usually gets, especially as contemporary marriage is so heavily slanted in the woman’s favor. Another powerful one-liner from SteveF:

     One should never enter into a contract with someone who will be rewarded for breaking it.

     While the man retains control over whether or not to marry, the woman’s incentives to marry are far more imperative. This is especially true if she wants children – and most women do.

     Things are bad. Indeed, it’s not clear how they could get worse. Combine it with the other factors that have arisen to discourage marriage and childbearing – especially among whites – and it begins to look as if the Death Cults will win after all.


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    • NITZKAHON on September 7, 2022 at 9:21 AM

    When I got my divorce from my first wife, whom I have deemed “Satan’s favorite daughter”, the story is thus.  I told her I wanted a divorce, and my father died ten days after that.  She said that half of what he left me is hers – and in the state where we lived, that was actually so.

    During this time she delayed and stalled, nitpicking everything, to the point where my lawyer observed such and asked how much I would inherit if my emotionally-devastated mother died.  “A lot”.  He concluded she was stalling hoping that my mother would die, so she could claim 1/2 of my entire inheritance.

    Yes, the laws were stacked high against me in that state.  Which, in 20-20 hindsight, is why she only chose houses there… anticipating I might make an attempt to break away and succeed.

      • SteveF on September 7, 2022 at 12:41 PM

      I’ve written on this topic, as well. While I don’t advocate killing one’s wife in order to avoid getting screwed over in divorce or child issues, I do question the wisdom of women who make their murder the best of the available options.

  1. Speaking of Satan’s daughter, read this –

    • SteveF on September 7, 2022 at 12:34 PM

    RFK’s Defender podcast is available elsewhere, such as … with convenient RSS feed.

    As for my observation and one-liner, neither is original to me. The first has been batted around for a while in various forms; I have no idea if someone originally came up with it or it just gelled from common wisdom. The latter, about getting into a contract, is also common wisdom. I may have heard it in law school but think that I first heard it some years later.

    • SteveF on September 7, 2022 at 12:36 PM

    Oops, sent too soon.

    Also, I got your The Death Cults and hope to read it sometime before 2030. My reading backlog is what some people might deem to be excessive.

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